The Cookie Project, which gives work opportunities to Kiwis with disabilities, is joining the Pride celebrations this month with their special limited edition Rainbow Heart Cookies.

The Rainbow Heart Cookies are not only delicious, but they are uniquely hand-baked at The Cookie Project’s kitchen in Eden Park, by a group of people who are challenged with a range of disabilities, including physical, cognitive, sensory and mental health. 20 percent of the group also identify with the LGBTIQ+ community, so baking these cookies (inspired by the original Rainbow Pride Flag) is not only special to the group, but it also rings positively with the organisation’s value of ‘inclusion’.

Lawrence F, Ngā Hou M, Parveen S, Caleb B in The Cookie Project Kitchen – Photo Supplied

The purchase of the Rainbow Heart Cookies raises funds that go back into The Cookie Project, which continues to offer Kiwis with disabilities a space to work and create these treats. They have been able to provide over 3000 hours of paid employment to the community. One of the bakers, Parveen, loves being a part of The Cookie Project. He says he uses ‘positive thinking’ and people’s words as a strength, seeing it as ‘a way to prove them wrong’. Parveen doesn’t let his disability (sensory/blind) stop him from providing yummy treats to the locals, as proven in the reviews on the website. 

Rainbow Heart Cookies (which are baked using premium ingredients including local favourites Lewis Road Creamery) are available online now to purchase – they are limited edition so don’t miss out! We’ll leave you with words from one of the bakers, Caleb – “If you dream big, you can achieve more”.

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