TEARAWAY’s band of young, creative masterminds, that’s who! Check ’em out…

PS: Are you a mega rad writer, photographer, illustrator or film-maker who wants in?

Erica McQueen

Erica is the editor of Tearaway Magazine. She started out photographing concerts for the mag back in 2013. She enjoys playing football and chess. In her spare time, you’ll find her drinking coffee or at a local music gig.

Mackenzie Steele

Call me Kenzie! My pronouns are she/her. Stats and science nerd, neurodivergent rainbow person, I’ll try basically anything even if my schedule is full. My job is helping new Mavericks write their first article, so, hint hint.

Hazel Reid

Longtime fan of all things music and entertainment, Hazel has been on the Tearaway team for a while and loves getting to interview all different creatives. She also currently works for a mental health charity.

Sophie Stone

Sophie is a Public Policy master’s student who dabbles in writing, piano-ing and language learning-ing. She loves cats and is passionate about areas of policy like diversity.

Charlie Saunders

Hi, I’m Charlie and I like art and shiny things and cats! I also collect cool rocks and CDs.

Tessa Webb

Tessa is a small-town girl from Friendly Feilding who ran her way to University at High Point, North Carolina. Living her American dream as a student-athlete, she is a year away from graduating with a degree in Political Science and Journalism and no closer to working out which hemisphere she wants to end up in. 

Azaria Howell

A huge politics nerd living in Christchurch. Expect lots of new political articles on Tearaway from her! She also loves snowboarding, Beagles, and wearing clunky boots.

Jack Goldingham Newsom

He might live in Paris and might be seen philosophising at a cafe or discussing culture and the arts in an allegedly hipster hangout… Free spirit, lover of good things: mostly exploring our incredible natural environment.

Hayley Smith

Blogger, pun and Marmite lover. Master of Snapchat. Losing followers daily.

Danica Bryant

Lover of comic books, video games and all things Britney Spears, Danica is a Wellington-based writer and musician, typically found wearing exclusively pink.