Youth Wings: NZ First’s Jay McLaren-Harris

There are certainly few teenagers in Aotearoa who can tell a story of skipping school just to hear a politician speak. Likely none of those few would have that politician be the 75-year-old leader of New Zealand First, Winston Peters.

Youth Wings: Labour’s Adam Brand

For Young Labour’s Adam Brand, Labour is “in my blood”. From a working class family, he joined Labour through a union and has stars tattooed on his right forearm. After being serenaded by Kiwi classic Fred Dagg’s ‘We don't know how lucky we are’, Adam’s pick for song of the election, we chatted over Zoom and reflected on lockdown.

Youth Wings: ACT’s Felix Poole

He enjoys video games. He lives in a shoddy student flat. He used to scrape grease out of the fryers at McDonald’s He is also president of the youth wing of the ACT Party, number 50 on ACT’s party list, and a candidate for Auckland Central – going up against the big names of the Greens' Chloë Swarbrick and Labour’s Helen White.