Want to be part of the TEARAWAY team? Now you can!

TEARAWAY is created almost entirely by the Mavericks, a bunch of creative young Kiwis getting a head-start in the media industry by creating our own magazine. Check us out here.

This is a safe and supportive place for all young people to have their voices heard, and we want you to join us. If you’re aged 13 to 24 and into writing, photography, illustration, design or film-making, we’re pretty much besties already. If you’re up for it, there are two ways you can be involved:

 1. Apply to be a Maverick.

 2. Submit your writing to The Common Room – a place where all young people can have their creations published.

How To Apply To Be A Maverick

We get heaps of Maverick applications, so make yours stand out by being as professional as possible, and make sure you show us your personality and unique voice! For your best chance of success, you should totally read our Mavericks Guidelines before you submit.

Due to the high number of Maverick applications, we may advise you to submit to The Common Room instead. This is a great place to practice, and we read everything that is posted here – so if you submit something that blows our minds, you’ll be next in line for a spot in the Mavericks. We will also provide feedback if you request it. PLUS our favourite pieces from The Common Room will get shared on our social media pages and in our e-mag, which means you could have a HUGE audience!

How To Submit To The Common Room

Inside tip: You want people to read what you’ve written, right?! Follow these Common Room Guidelines to make your piece as awesome as possible.

Note that all content needs to have a direct connection to New Zealand. We might not accept articles on topics too sensitive for our young audience including drugs, alcohol, suicide, and more. We leave the approval to our experienced and tactful editor.