Christchurch: One Year On

While it is understandable in this current climate that the [remembrance ceremony] was cancelled, we wanted to take the time to acknowledge what happened on March 15th, 2019, and that we have not forgotten the values we pledged to uphold one year ago.

Erebus Disaster: Forty Years On

In 1979, an Air New Zealand flight crashed into the side of a mountain in Antarctica. Air New Zealand was responsible. There's still been no apology, there is no memorial, and no accountability. Ethan explores what happened.

Let’s Deal With It: A Trans-Tasman Conference Towards Racial Equity

Following the Christchurch massacre, the voices of Muslims, migrants, and refugees were brought to the forefront and sparked a nation-wide conversation about how deeply racism flows through our country. Shakti New Zealand, along with organisations such as the Khadija Leadership Network, are continuing the conversation with their free one-day conference, Let's Deal With It: A Trans-Tasman Conference. Our Editor, NIDHA KHAN, spoke to Tayyaba Khan, the co-founder of the Khadija Leadership Network, about the conference and her experience with promoting diversity and addressing discrimination in New Zealand.

In Review: Jane Goodall – Rewind The Future NZ Tour 2019

Dr. Jane Goodall remains one of the most inspiring and intrepid women the world has ever come across. The Jane Goodall: Rewind the Future show saw a sold-out Auckland venue packed with thousands eager to hear the iconic 85-year old environmentalist address the pressing issues regarding animal welfare and climate change, among others.

Meet The 18 Year Old Running For Council In Upper Hutt

Michael Newell is running for council in Upper Hutt at only 18 years old. With a focus on youth issues, the environment, and economic development, he’s hoping his age won’t be a barrier to taking a seat in the Council Chambers. We sat down and spoke to him about the campaign.

Student Response To Vice-Chancellor Stuart Mccutcheon

Students at the University of Auckland explain that many students do not have confidence in the University of Auckland's ability to protect them from white supremacists. They are growing frustrated and are calling out the recent trivialising language use by the Vice-Chancellor.