Local band Written By Wolves have really come to the party with their new album, Secrets. Although the boys have released a lot of different tunes over the past few years, this is in fact their debut album of work. 

We caught up with the bands lead singer Michael Murphy on the eve of the release, who said he had a different favourite track at varied points in time but his current favourite is Forever & Always, which closes out the album, but just to clarify he shared Im not just saying that to make you listen through the album right to the end. The song means a lot to me and the outro is insanely powerful. Not ashamed to say I have shed a tear or two listening to it…’

The first track is aptly titled Start The Fire, which acts as an introduction that directly flows into the second on the list, Let It Burn which features Written By Wolves signature sound. Michael is joined by the other four pieces to the puzzle – Davie, Bahador (who does a lot of their creative/visual work), Oli and Karl. 

Talking the busy summer theyve got ahead including sets at Soundsplash and Jim Beam Homegrown, kicking off at the album release party next weekend, Michael revealed he was looking forward to playing Forever & Always live plus the track that named the record, Secrets. Its got some moments in it that I think are going to go down a bloody treat.’ 

Realising the band works best under pressure is something Michael noted early on in the piece which shows in the amount of quality stand alone songs they have produced in the past few years including Genius, Timebombs & Hurricanes, Pretty Lies and To Tell You The Truth (which is sitting at over 3.1 million views on YouTube alone), plus their very popular rock cover of Sias Elastic Heart when they were coming into their sound. 

Setting intense deadlineswas vital to get this album out this year, with Michael sharing that he loved the creative process but it was a challenge to keep everything fresh and interesting, to make sure we were writing songs that we loved. As stressful as that can be, I think we really thrive on that pressure and it helped to create something that I am so incredibly proud of.’ 

Everybodys got something theyre hiding– the title track, Secrets features a taster of the drum introduction their fans who have seen them live will recognise. Many will recall seeing them at Kings Arms (RIP!) as they got a few live performances and song tests under their belt, with their signature drumming of Bahador and Davie joining drummer Karl in a sequence was always a crowd favourite. 

As their loyal fan base, who have been awaiting this record for a while now, would have noticed in the behind the scenes sneak peek, the band was joined by Thomas Oliver and engineer/unofficial sixth member of the band Rich Bryanto finish everything off while locked in a studio for a week – the final production sessions of the album were pretty amazing too.’ 

I really enjoy a good ballad and Lucky Stars is no exception, giving a majestic acoustic vibe. In classic Written by Wolves fashion, it rolled straight into an up-beat rock tracks, Demons then Help Me Through The Night. Michael added that he enjoyed the choir recordings as it was so powerful and I finally got to hear in real life the things that I had been hearing in my head for months.’ 

Michael shared that the writing process for this particular body of work actually started at the very beginning of this year on January 1st and that although it made for a pretty intense year, he thinks that everything we have done as a band has led to this album, I dont think we could have written it in the earlier years of the band.

As Written by Wolves has continued to grow with their music and live performances, their fan base has also, which means theyve had a pretty crazy ride so far including playing the Powerstation for the first time, Mardi Gras Festival in Ohakune was something we will never forget, watching our video for To Tell You The Truth hit 1 million views in 6 months and touring with Devlskin and Blindspott last year.

As the album begins to draw closer and closer, we hear Be Careful What You Wish For and The Way. The thirteenth and final track on the record sends it off perfectly in Forever and Always.

Now that this labour of hard work and love is out in the world, Written by Wolves has their sights set on a full NZ tour with US, UK and Europe also on the list as a lot of their ever-growing fanbase are from those areas and hope to tour overseas in the near future. 

Written By Wolves debut album Secrets is out now on all streaming platforms with physical albums and vinyls available from their online store.

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