I jumped on Zoom with the virtual backdrop queen herself, Theia on release day to talk about her latest project, and creating bold visuals while jumping online for virtual concerts during the lockdown.

99% Angel is Theia’s latest body of work, following on from the Not Your Princess EP last year.

The mixtape has four songs which Theia says are “based off the whole idea of doing an A side and a B side.”

Kitty Kat is a punchy tune taking on a ‘kitty’ persona, Frat Boyz is a catchy electro-dance beat while the mixtape’s title song 99% Angel at just under two minutes in length has big beats that portray Theia perfectly. Celebrity rounds out the project (and if I could pick one is my personal fave) with Theia’s creativity both lyrically and sonically shining through.

Describing the project, Theia shares, “the whole mixtape is very feisty, very bold, experimental and all about things I’ve experienced, things in life in the past three years – things that took a while for me to express but I’m now ready to talk about.”

This includes “the whole idea of fame and the pursuit of popularity, and being able to be a good girl and bad girl at the same time – it’s my favourite project I’ve done”, Theia explains.

The four-track mixtape was entirely “created in this really cute studio in Alexandra, in Sydney” on which Theia collaborated with producer (and friend!) Flynn.

“It was such a fun process. It’s kind of in the middle of this super industrial area, so it is very low key and you wouldn’t even know it was there” she shared. It was so nice to hear how genuinely proud Theia was of this latest project, “visually and sonically I feel like I’ve achieved my goals with this mixtape, which are just to make music I truly vibe with.”

Theia also had her video for Celebrity premiere on Billboard forty-eight hours before the mixtape release, so I got a chance to check it out in full before our call. When I revealed I found it a “good type of intense”, Theia mentioned she wanted to “counter the uplifting vibe of the song with a dark treatment for the visual”.

She then touched on the idea behind it; “it’s about complex topics so I thought it could have a bit of darkness, I had this idea [that] it would be really amazing to portray myself as a girl who goes into Hollywood and gets so taken by the greed and pursuit of fame, she gives herself away.”

Once Theia caught up with the video director Nas Nixx, they worked on the idea of the dark character being a succubus. “Just as the mixtape is my favourite project so far, this is my favourite video so far”, Theia tells.

Theia has been making the most of the lockdown, performing a variety of mini-concerts online for fans across the world. “It’s been super fun. A lot of the shows that are usually held monthly and weekly in L.A and Brooklyn in clubs are now being held online so I have gotten the opportunity to do cyber-gigs with cool lineups”, Theia shares. She also saw Frat Boyz take off on Tik Tok as “one sweet girl made up a dance and everyone else started copying it, which was really cool.”

Speaking about meeting new people, Theia shares she has made friends with a couple of her favourite underground cyber pop artists that are found in the smallest corners of Soundcloud but “their music is vibrant and next level. A few to mention would be Lez Pop, Gurl Doll, and Death by San Rio.” She has also had the chance to collaborate with Gurl Doll on upcoming projects after doing a cyber show together.

Talking what’s next, Theia says, “I would love to have a record that I’m really proud of, or heaps of really cool demos that I’m sitting on that I’m stoked about and more opportunities to work with artists I really love.” As she was in Los Angeles as the lockdown begun and had to urgently jump on a plane home, Theia shares, “I do really want to go back to L.A as I had some cool sessions lined up that obviously due to COVID didn’t happen, so to return to those producers and to be in la la land would be my dream.”

99% Angel is out now on all streaming platforms, and you can check out Theia’s creative music video masterpiece for Celebrity here.

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