American pop musician Taylor Grey toured New Zealand recently on a whirlwind trip, supporting Why Dont We at their Spark Arena, Auckland show. 

We caught up with Taylor after her set backstage to chat touring the world with Why Dont We, playing live in New Zealand for the first time and juggling college papers in between performing on stage and travelling. 

Pop musician Taylor Grey has joined popular American boy group Why Dont We on their European, U.S, and Australian legs of their world tour before jetting off to New Zealand. It’s been a rapid journey with back-to-back shows in different cities and countries, but Taylor has loved every second of it. [Its] definitely the most Ive travelled in my entire life…its super cool to wake up in different places, its wild…We got here at 3pm today and were leaving in the morning, so Im in New Zealand but it doesnt fully feel like it, its amazing.” 

I confessed to Taylor that I hadnt listened to her music before she was announced as the supporting act, but her set was really easy to get into for a new listener. This didn’t come as a surprise to her, she anticipated that most of the crowd wouldn’t have heard of her before the show, but shes always excited to “have a moment with people”. 

Taylor began her song-writing career young – evolving from her bedroom floor, to the shower (without the water running), to the studio. She admits that her “life is so hectic that theres no real drama going on so I draw from other people”. Musically, she’s influenced by a variety of female powerhouses in the industry. Im obsessed with Halsey, I think shes awesome, I love everything she does. Taylor Swift is a huge influence of mine – I listened to her records in middle school and its had a big influence on my songwriting. I also had a phase where I only listened to Marina & the Diamonds and Lana Del Ray.

After a crazy busy year, Taylor revealed that one of her highlights was on the very last show of the European leg in Munich where she felt like she really connected with the crowd. Its always surreal seeing people sing lyrics back to me, thats the coolest part. I saw a lot of teenage girls really getting into my song Toxic. Seeing people sing and dance with me is always the coolest thing.” 

Taylor was so easy to talk to that we almost ran over time, but before she went, we spoke about what she anticipated for 2020. Id love to come back to New Zealand, Id love to keep touring – I want to release another album, I think its time. I would love to grow, create and make something Im really proud of. I want to grow with the people who support me and really jump off the diving board – Im happy to keep doing it as long as I can.

The talented performer also has her sights set on graduating college as shes in her last year and has spent time off-stage writing papers. If what I saw at the show is anything to go by, I cant wait to hear her upcoming music. 


You can catch up with Taylor online (@iamtaylorgrey) and hear more about the Auckland show with our coverage here (

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