Q Theatre, Auckland
20th April 2016
4/5 Stars


If you’ve ever watched 7 Days on TV3 (and let’s be honest, if you haven’t – where have you been?) you’ll know the chaos that ensues when host Jeremy Corbett gets six comedians together for a hilarious show reacting to that week’s news.

The Comedy Festival kicked off last week and to celebrate 7 Days did a live recording of Friday’s show, the NZ v.s. the World special. The New Zealand team consisted of NZ comedic favourites Dai Henwood, Paul Ego and Rose Matafeo. Giving them a run for their money was the World team with Chopper (Australia), Lloyd Langford (Wales) and James Acaster (England).

The live show is like no other, as only about 22 minutes makes it onto TV every week in their late night time slot. The recording, which normally takes place in a studio, takes over three hours, due to the nature of a pre-recorded show. There are lots of gags and giggles that don’t make it on TV, that the audience at these live recordings get to see. That’s the beauty of it.

I am a fan of the show and I was really impressed with how fast the comedians were able to crack a joke or a funny line from something they’d just heard. This happened especially with Chopper, who’s known to be so outspoken anyway – he’s one of those people who should sometimes analyse what they’re saying before they say it!

There was a great debate, as well as the 7 Days classic segment ‘Slice of Heaven’ where a musician comes in to play a song that relates to something in the news that week, and the teams have to guess the song.

I really enjoyed the show – there was a lot of laughing out loud amongst the sold-out audience at Q Theatre.


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