I caught up with Paul Ego, you know, that guy from 7 Days and the Pak’nSave ads, ahead of the live taping of 7 Days at this year’s International Comedy Festival.


You’re doing a live recording of your show during the Comedy Festival this year. What can people expect? 

The usual stuff – I will be taking off my shirt and smashing walnuts on my abs, Dai will be zip-lining onto the set from the Sky Tower and Corbett will be rolling around in a hot-tub of money. Plus there’ll be some international comics from somewhere called ‘overseas’


You film each week for hours and only show about half an hour on TV – can we expect an outtakes episode soon? 

The best way to see our outtakes is to come to our end of year tour, we try and play some then. But really, every show that goes to air probably contains things that should have been outtakes.


Did you ever think doing comedy would be your full-time career? 

No way! It’s gnarly and radical and other words that are current.


What is your favourite part of being involved with TV?

People seeing you in public and not knowing where they know you from. This happens with my kids a lot.


Do you sometimes struggle to think of jokes off the top of your head or is it something that comes naturally? 

Off the top of my head is where I naturally function best. It’s sitting down and writing jokes that I struggle with.


Do you have a favourite sketch or episode of the show?

My most recent favourite is when we all kicked and punched Jeremy at the top of the show. It was staged but it was therapeutic none the less.


Who would you love to have as a special guest on the show if you could pick anyone in the world? 

John Key. He’s been asked and has turned us down. I can’t blame him really, I wouldn’t sit in that Yes Minister seat.


Tell us something about you that would surprise us

I’m a Pisces, the fish sign, and I can’t swim.


Best piece of life advice you’ve ever received? 

The longest journey starts with the smallest error in map reading.


Speaking of life advice, is there any advice you’d give to young people wanting to get into the industry? 

Wait until I’m done.


Paul Ego is part of the NZ Team in 7 Days’ “NZ V. The World” Special, Wednesday the 20th of April at Rangatira at Q Theatre as part of the 2016 NZ International Comedy Festival powered by Flick Electric Co. from 22 April – 15 May. For the full line-up of shows in the Festival head to