The Vamps – Middle of the Night World Tour
Powerstation, Auckland, NZ
September 23rd, 2017

4/5 stars
Reviewed by HAZEL REID


Wow, I wish I had that much energy after a long-haul flight! The Vamps, fresh from their last tour stop in Argentina launched onto the stage, with a somewhat fitting tune – Wake Up.

Their New Zealand fans have been eagerly awaiting their first trip to the country, probably almost as much as the band has been wanting to visit down here.

Nomad warming up the crowd.

Nomad, the three-piece who hail from Christchurch, kicked the night off alongside their full band and really got the crowd going – especially with their popular song, Oh My My.

Having major jet lag (as The Vamps guitarist James McVey hinted at earlier in the day on Twitter) was no match for the boys, as they fired through the 13-song setlist. Lead singer Bradley Simpson definitely went for it, jumping around and getting the screaming crowd even more hyped up (if that was even possible)!

Bradley Simpson, hype train conductor.

Halfway through the show, Brad took a seat and took to the keyboard for Same To You. He introduced the song as “a special one off their new album.” As the band then began to play, they all soon realised they were playing the intro to the wrong song! The Vamps quickly corrected themselves, laughing it off saying, “We’re jet-lagged, give us a break!”

Bassist Connor Ball’s epic light-up green guitar almost stole the show, while Brad loved interacting with the crowd, announcing they were a “sexy bunch” and that the band are loving New Zealand so far. One of my favourite performances of the evening was of their new single with Norwegian DJ Matoma, Staying Up, which they played live for the first time on this side of the world.

Connor Ball and his ‘Green Goblin’ guitar.

When we spoke to Connor earlier in the year, he described playing their new album live as “emotional, vibrant and sweaty.” The evening’s schedule included seven songs off their most recent release, Night & Day.

Connor mentioned one of their recent singles, All Night – which ended up being the encore song – was his favourite tune to perform. “We rock it up when we play it live so it’s a really fun one.” Rock it up indeed, as the crowd sung along and hung onto every last word.

Tristan Evans.

I did feel for the band; while they had the energy for a fantastic performance, they were lacking intensity and charisma. This could be completely down to their hectic travel and tour schedule, but it was noticeable. The setlist felt like it was missing a few tunes; their other popular songs including Cheater, Rest Your Love and I Found A Girl would have made great additions to the evening.

As the one hour show came to an end, their fans couldn’t get enough – chanting for more even after the encore. It’s safe to say that The Vamps’ first trip over was a success and it was worth the wait for the all-ages crowd.

James McVey.



1. Wake Up
2. Wild Heart
3. Shades On
4. Hands
5. Somebody To You
6. It’s A Lie
7. Same To You
8. Sad Song
9. Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart)
10. Middle of The Night
11. Staying Up
12. Can We Dance
13. All Night


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