The Vamps, a talented four-piece hailing from Britain, need little introduction with their catchy tunes (cue All Night, Somebody to You and Wake Up) to their epic live performances.

We called their bassist, Connor Ball, who’s in a busy restaurant in the UK, ready to begin Little Mix’s UK tour that evening, fresh off one of his own with The Vamps. We chatted about their upcoming album, inspirations and anticipated Auckland show.


We’re loving your latest single, Middle of the Night – how did you start in the big world of music?

I think we all got into music very young and all different ways. My nana got me a guitar when I was 10 or 11 and I started learning then. Tristan (The Vamps’ drummer) got into a marching band when he was seven, so it’s all pretty different.


What was the experience like jumping back into the studio for your upcoming third studio album?

It was really good, we spent a week in a writing camp in a place called Bath which is a really nice, tranquil place and we just chilled out for a week in a studio – Peter Gabriel’s studio. We wrote a lot of songs, Middle of the Night came from that, a song called Hands so it’s been really fun and awesome.


How would you describe the forthcoming third record – Day & Night?

Emotional, vibrant, sweaty – when it’s live, and full of fun and heartbreak. All of the emotions are in there and there’s something for everyone.


You’ve released some amazing collabs of late, who would you love to collaborate with in the future?

Definitely, there’s loads. We were trying to write with Ed Sheeran two Christmas’ ago and it never happened so we want to try make that happen. We’ve been speaking to The Chainsmokers which would be amazing to meet up with them and do something. Other bands like Panic! at the Disco would be awesome.


What’s your favourite song to perform?

Lately, All Night has been going down really well – we love playing it. We rock it up when we play it live, it’s a really fun one to play live.


What’s one song you’d wish you’d written?

So many! Nine in the Afternoon by Panic! at the Disco.


Who’s your all time favourite artist(s)?

I really like Blink-182, I think they’ve reinvented themselves really well in the past few years.


What’s an album or song you have on repeat right now?

The new Jonas Blue song called Mama and the new Paramore album, and Linkin Park’s.


You’ve been doing a bit of traveling around already this year, is there anywhere you’d love to go?

We’re about to head out to places in Europe that we’ve never been to before like Austria and Switzerland which will be awesome.


You’re on your way down to New Zealand for the first time and we’re excited to have you! Is there anything you’d love to check off the list while you’re down here?

We’re all big Lord of the Rings fans so we’ve got to see it if we can – we’d love to go down to Hobbiton to see the Shire and everything.


What can fans expect from your live show in Auckland?

We’ve been wanting to come down to New Zealand for years, it’s going to be amazing. We can’t wait to just to try and put on the best show we possibly can as we’ve never been there before and want to make it as special as possible.


What’s been your career highlight?

The tour we just did, we’ve all said that is our favourite in the UK and it’s going to be hard to beat that, I think.


You’ve ticked off launching your own record label and written a book with the boys, what would you love to accomplish next?

I think we’re focusing on the album at the moment and getting that out as possible. Producing another artist would be thing for us and writing things for other people as well as our selves.


The Vamps’ only New Zealand show is at Auckland’s Powerstation on Saturday 23rd September. Get your tickets from now!