Title: Adultolescence
Author: Gabbie Hanna
Reviewer: Hazel Reid
Rating: 4.5/5


I’m not proud of the small number of books I get through in a year, but this holiday season, with it’s intriguing title and creative front illustration, I gravitated towards Hanna’s debut book Adultolescence.

I don’t recall the last time I read a book of poems, so I didn’t know what to expect with the YouTuber’s debut. I can report that I was pleasantly surprised.

It was so good, I got caught up and couldn’t put it down!

Featuring Gabbie’s hand drawn illustrations alongside her confessional poems, it’s a refreshing, inviting, raw, and honest take on ‘modern adulthood’.

It’s obvious the content is aimed at my generation (both myself and Gabbie are in our 20’s). However, the stories that relate back to her childhood and then speak about her future self make it clear that Adultolescence is a must-read for all ages.

It’s hard to pick only a few favourites and, without giving away any spoilers, I thought I’d share a couple of the shorter pieces that stuck with me. One is called Advice 15: “Never let someone else be the reason you wake up in the morning”. Another is simply titled Nap: “You woke a part of me I thought was dead, but I guess it was just sleeping”.

While Gabbie was releasing her book, she also put out her debut single Out LoudListening to her music, it’s easy to see the way it and poetry beautifully intertwine. You may only touch the surface of a poem or see some as a passing thought, but look between the lines and you’ll understand the buried meaning. While some of her poetry is purely comedic, others like Grow and Metaphor dive deeper. 

Gabbie Hanna’s debut release Adultolescence can easily be classed as a picture book for adults with lots of creative illustrations and a friendly layout that makes it an enjoyable read.

Adultolescence is out now online and in stores.


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