We caught up with Christchurch-based singer Micah Heath to talk about participating in Parachute’s Artist Development Programme this year, working on music and creating weekly videos on YouTube.

Tell us how your musical journey began and what inspires you.

Growing up, music was always there, from church to singing around the house and going to gigs, it’s been something that has always been in my life. I really started pursuing music in the beginning of high school, it was an escape from everything – I loved the way I could set my mind adrift when writing songs with my guitar.

You were on X Factor and went on to get a recording grant with Parachute for your single Game. What was the recording studio experience like?

Going into the Parachute studios for the first time was a surreal experience – I had never been exposed to this kind of environment before and I fell in love with music even more. It was incredible, taking in a voice memo from my phone and bringing the song to life.



You’ve spent time with the team at Parachute as part of their Artist Development programme. Can you tell us about this experience? What was a highlight of the process?

Working with Parachute over the last year has been a dream, I have been able to do so many things that would never have been possible without their support. I have met so many amazing artists that I now call friends – that for me is probably the highlight of the program – whenever I go to Auckland, I am surrounded by a community of artists that are all on the same journey as me.

This year you have been posting weekly videos with the Keen and Able YouTube channel alongside TV2’s Adam and Eve – what has been your favourite video you’ve created for the series?

My favourite video I have created would probably have to be when I went to JB’s concert – I was with my close friends and we were vibing to cool music.

Micah | Photo supplied.

Looking at these videos, you love to travel – where has been your favourite place and where’s somewhere that’s on your bucket list?

My favourite place I have travelled to would definitely have to be Bali – it was such an amazing feeling being immersed into their culture for the few weeks I was there. America is definitely next on my bucket list – ideally, I would love to spend a few months in L.A. working on some music.

If you wish you’d written one song, what would it be?

Perfect Places by Lorde.

Who are your all-time favourite musicians? Who inspires you?

Jared James, Lorde, Billie Eilish, and DNCE.

Is there anyone you’d love to collaborate with in the future?

Billie Eilish for sure.

Best piece of life advice?

Don’t take life too seriously.

Where would you love to see yourself in one year, or five years?

In a year, I would love to have a few singles released, still working on my music, travelling even more. In five years, I would love to be living in L.A., working on some music with some cool people.


Each year, Parachute works with a group of upcoming artists, helping them with every aspect of their career. Check out their website to find out about their work.


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