Denel has spent the past few years working on music with international and local producers, travelling overseas to create picturesque music videos and playing shows with homegrown talent. We gave him a call to get the low down on his latest music release, collaborations and future plans post-Covid.

Denel’s new release Kick It is a follow up to his late 2019 release, Let Go which went to #2 on the iTunes charts and has over 148,000 streams online. His first 2020 release, Kick It has a fresh RnB style to it and features local talents Tane the Forest Kid and Waazoo & The Vibes (Jordi Webber) and Denel shared with us that it is just the first of the music he plans on releasing this year in the lead up to his EP.

Talking about the collaboration, Denel shared that he had been working on a few tracks and played them to his friend and fellow musician Jordi Webber who took a liking to Kick It and as they had already planned doing a collaboration, it all clicked! Denel tells that he met Tane at a clothing launch and his involvement sparked from there.

“The song really represents a shift in where I’m heading with my sound, I’m less going for the pop track mentality and more figuring out my direction as an artist – reaching into R&B territory,” Denel explained. The track was co-produced with Emmanuel Ensink and gave Denel a chance to showcase his production skills.

Discussing where his inspiration can stem from, Denel mentioned, “for me it’s kind of everywhere, any chance I get the opportunity to spark some inspiration from wherever I may be – hanging out with friends, real life experiences, stories I’m told and in the times we’re living in, the issues we are facing in society. I want to get more in depth with messaging and inspire people especially with the climate we’re in right now. The next single I’m working on is more geared to love.”

Denel didn’t let lockdown derail him from his plans, instead he used it as an opportunity to work on future music and his craft. He shared, “I felt it was a really good time to sit back and think about all the things we take for granted – not being able to do the things we normally are able to do. It gave me another opportunity to make new music and had time to reflect and see what we’re going through as a society.”

Denel has also been working on plans for shooting the Kick It music video and he shared with us a bit of a sneak peek saying ‘the song is about kicking it with someone you enjoy kicking it with. I want to capture that authentic relationship and throwing it back in terms of concept – old school cars but in modern day, I’m looking forward to it.’

The rest of the year is shaping up to be Denel’s most musical yet with future songs on the horizon and an EP set to be released by the end of the year which includes the music he created in lockdown. He expressed his excitement to ‘have a body of work for people to listen to.’ A trip back to Los Angeles is also sure to be on the cards once the world opens back as it is a ‘songwriters hot pot over there with producers’ with a breakout tour in Australia also on the to-do list. Talking local, Denel is focusing on taking his live show on the road and performing over the upcoming summer.

Denel’s new song Kick It featuring Tane the Forest Kid and Waazoo & The Vibes is out now with the music video coming out soon, follow @denel_official for all the updates and add Kick It to your playlist!

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