This year’s Armageddon events are already full steam ahead, I attended the Wellington expo last month (and braved a seriously windy day to fly in and out of the capital for the occasion). It was so cold that Monday it was as if Game of Thrones had arranged a special ‘winter is coming’ breeze.

Once we had trekked through the city to the Westpac Stadium (known lovingly as the cake tin) we were welcomed with stalls upon stalls of all things pop culture, TV, film, and comics. If you know anything about Armageddon, you’ll know they always have some very special guests as part of their line-up. Headlining Wellington was X-Men fave Nicholas Hoult who I can confirm didn’t look anything like a ‘beast’ and was super friendly to fans during his photo sessions and while answering questions during his solo Q&A panel.

Not even the wind could stop fans heading into the stadium stands for a chance to quiz Smallville’s Tom Welling on everything from being in the ‘superhero’ universe before the likes of Marvel and DC, his Lucifer co-star Aimee Garcia later joining him on the couch to delve into the very popular Lucifer world.

After walking laps around the stadium to check everything out, I ended my day by picking up some cool Disney bits from Cobalt Heights, picking up some Pineapple Lump fudge (yes you read right) for the plane ride home. Alas, it wouldn’t have been a complete day without a quick photo with The Weird Sisters from Netflix hit Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – there is really something for everyone!

Armageddon is a fun day out whether you’re coming from near or far and Armageddon’s next events for the year are right around the corner so that you have the chance to get amongst all of the action! Next on the agenda is Christchurch (1st to 3rd June) and Tauranga (8th to 9th June) with a new line-up of star guests, stalls and panels for the fans to get involved in.

They’ve already announced multiple guests that include Shadowhunters Luke Baines who will be traveling down for his first NZ trip (even spending his birthday in Tauranga) and will be joined by his co-star Katherine McNamara in Christchurch. Lucifer’s Tricia Helfer is also on the South Island event line-up while Lucifer fave Aimee Garcia returns to the North Island for the Tauranga show.

Armageddon attendees get an opportunity to get up-close-and-personal with their TV, film, comic and animation faves via photo and autograph sessions plus contributing to Q&A panels. Who would you love to see appear next at Armageddon?


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