Title: Cordially Invited
Author: Zoe Sugg
Publisher: Hachette
4/5 stars

Internet personality and beauty and lifestyle extraordinaire Zoe Sugg once again proves that she’s the hostess-with-the-mostess with the release of her hotly anticipated debut non-fiction book Cordially Invited.  

The book is broken up into four seasons, starting with Spring and rounding out with Winter. The main occasions are highlighted throughout with Christmas, Halloween, Easter and even pug (dog) parties all included. The recipes, ‘to do’ lists, and ‘how to’ aligning with every possible occasion and the seasons was a real winner in my book. So, I thought it would only be fitting to try out a couple of the recipes, right?!

For a start, I made the Summery Sausage Rolls (page 117 for reference) and they were delicious! I learnt where to get sausage meat from and had so much fun rolling out the pastry and making these (even if it doesn’t exactly feel like summer yet!). I also made the Spooky Skeleton Biscuits and, instead of making a chocolate version, I made a gingerbread version during the first week of Halloween! It seemed pretty fitting and I can say that they didn’t look like the photo (but they never do really), but it passed the taste test.

Zoe with her sqaud. Zoe Sugg/Instagram

I did find it a bit weird to be reading about a winter Christmas when ours is in the summer. I sometimes forget that our seasons are the complete opposite, I can’t even imagine a white snowy Christmas, but Zoe made the UK’s festive seasons sound pretty damn cool! (Yes, the pun was intended, don’t judge me).

Most of the imagery was shot specifically for the book, which I can imagine would have been a fun week for her – going through all the motions of all the seasons with her family and friends! The book is so well put together, a balanced read that has a bit for everyone, for every season and occasion. I guess it’s a bit picture book-esque, with a healthy dose of Nala (their pug) through out – as a dog lover, I appreciated that wholeheartedly. That is one photogenic pooch.

Cordially Invited is a beautiful book full of colour – grab it for you, a friend or for a
gift – Christmas is just around the corner after all! It’s now available at all good bookstores
and online.

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