Kiwi singer-songwriter Andrew Papas is back with love ballad Girl ahead of future music releases which he’s juggling with another creative outlet, running a popular Auckland cafe. I jumped on a Zoom video call (which feels just normal now!) with Andrew to catch up about his new music which is available on all platforms.

We spoke about his new tune with Andrew admitting Girl was indeed a ‘bit of a love song’ and that his wife Megan played a big part in it as, “She’s a pretty easy topic to talk about.” The song was written a few years ago and after it wasn’t released, Andrew teamed up with local producer Will Henderson to “Re-do the whole thing; we started from scratch but kept the same melody and lyrics and now here we are.”

Girl is just the beginning of his planned music releases for 2020, following on from 2018’s catchy pop-bop, Troublemaker. Talking inspirations Andrew mentioned, “It pretty much comes from whatever I’m passionate about or what I’m doing at the time.”

He also said outside things happening around him do inspire him. Recently this has been the TV show, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, which is set in the time period of 1950’s and 1960’s.

“The way they dress, the music, I’ve been listening to the soundtrack and it’s all old songs – jazz songs and stuff like that and it’s inspired me again – through that I may think of something so it gets the creative ball rolling.”

Andrew has also been busy working on other creative projects in between releasing music including opening a cafe, Beaufort + Co in Auckland with his wife Megan. I wasn’t surprised when I heard that Andrew opened a cafe as he had always been a talented cake/treat baker so it is truly apt one of the items they’re known for (and Andrew loves creating) is their weekend doughnuts. The week we spoke they were planning on creating the flavour of pecan pie. “We deconstruct that and make that into a doughnut. People look forward to it.”

When we caught up, Andrew was in the middle of getting back into the swing of things at Beaufort + Co with the new alert level rules allowing them to re-open. “We’re back up and running, the local community has been so supportive. We’ve had so many people come back, reassuring us that they haven’t forgotten and making an effort to support.”

The cafe, which launched just 14 months ago is a labour of love from the husband and wife duo who have been ‘loving it’ with Andrew explaining, “It’s just a lot of work; but we knew that going into it as my parents have had cafes in the past. It’s not always a walk in the park but it’s pretty rewarding and goes hand-in-hand with my music, it’s another creative outlet – another way to express myself, I really enjoy it.”

This global pandemic lockdown has been a weird time for everyone but Andrew has been making the most of it with Megan. Instead of doing what they would normally be doing at the café, they started sharing their favourite recipes online with everyone.

“I started with Megan making recipes I’ve made in the past; not necessarily my own but I knew worked baking-wise. You couldn’t buy anything delicious so it’s stuff you could normally find at your local cafe like scones, muffins and slices. So that was really fun, it kept me busy.” I then commented on a recipe that they had made that I’d never seen before. It was a South African treat, a peppermint crisp tart which Andrew commented is “a weird mix, but it works.”

Just before we ended the call and Andrew went back to working on his business, he shared that there is more music on the way. “I’m enjoying releasing music and there is another song I want to get out. We were actually just talking about potentially releasing an EP and I want to do some more gigs which goes hand-in-hand with how much material you have. Obviously running our business on the side kind of surprised us. It was always something we wanted to do and it was a great opportunity. You can only plan so much and things just go a certain way; music is always going to be happening whether I’m doing two or three things at once. World domination may just include a few other things!”

Andrew Papas new single, Girl, a self-confessed love ballad is out now on all streaming platforms and keep an eye out for future music releases coming soon.

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