Australian musical talent Amy Shark is back making 2021 her year after a pandemic interrupted plans in 2020. Amy’s already given fans a nice taste of her new record Cry Forever with absolute tune Everybody Rise plus collaborations with Travis Barker, Keith Urban and Ed Sheeran. We jumped on Zoom with Amy to catch up about her new music, touring (hopefully a NZ show soon!) and getting creative during these times.

I had the opportunity to listen to a sneak peek of Cry Forever ahead of Tearaway’s chat with Amy and I loved the vibe of it. One of the standout tracks for me was Lonely Still, which Amy loved to hear as she said “I think I got that one really right in production, it was hard to get it perfect but I really remember spending the time on that song.” On another note, the day we spoke was also the same date that Amy had just released her new single aptly named after herself, Amy Shark (also the final track off the album), which I soon found out took a bit of time to create.

“I was always going to write a song that’s on this storyline but I wasn’t really ready on Love Monster. It took me a minute to just nestle into this life and really be able to look back and digest, and pen it perfectly,” Amy tells. Amy wasn’t sure whether it was going to make it on the new record as it was hard to write but after conversations with her team, “it was like imagine all the kids that are feeling a bit shit and don’t have the best setup at home who would hear this and feel better… that’s the main reason I put out music, it’s for people to feel less alone,” Amy shared.

Amy’s debut record Love Monster went on to win four ARIA awards including Album of the Year and also was named the highest selling album by an Australian artist in 2018 so as if having a incredible year like that wasn’t enough, Amy was also out on the road on her European tour and begun the creation of Cry Forever which included writing on the tour bus while the snow fell outside. “There’s always things going on in artist’s lives, people just think it’s all champagne bottles and hanging out on boats… we’re always going through stuff and I definitely was, I just tried to channel all that energy into songs,” Amy shared. Post-tour Amy’s label and manager asked if she was ready to jump back into the studio and after that tour journey she was busting to get into that mode!

Amy Shark playing in Cairns. Source: Instagram

The creation of Cry Forever saw Amy branch out further including collaborating with producers ‘who add different things sonically’. The journey also included building a studio at her Gold Coast home and taking trips to the States, and trips to work with Joel Little in NZ and Ed Sheeran in the UK before bringing everything home. Talking about music she loves, Amy was quick to answer with ‘any song off Pure Heroine’. I’m also sure many people (including myself) share her thoughts on being absolutely ready for new Lorde music, “I love Team and I never told her this but I’ve got lyrics from [her song] Ribs on my ribs which was really awkward when I was talking to Joel Little about tattoos… never thought I’d be in that situation!” Amy tells.

This time last year it may have been a crazy thought but Amy is soon embarking on an Australian tour. “I miss just seeing faces and feeling the energy in the room, I also love seeing what songs have connected, that’s always really exciting as it’s different in every place. I love seeing the excitement in people’s faces and I have a great band, we are so tight musically” Amy shared. She added that the new songs are fun to play and ‘really guitar heavy’, fans will also get to see Amy with an electric guitar in hand. Following the shows Amy hopes a NZ trip is on the horizon (yay!) as she also has family over here and then in the future, when the world is in a better place, the plan is to head back to North America and Europe to build further on what she was doing pre-pandemic.

Cry Forever by the incredible Amy Shark is out this Friday (30th) for you to listen to in all of its glory! You can also keep up with Amy online including watching her Forever, Amy Shark series on YouTube that gives a real behind-the-scenes look at the journey – Amy is also hosting a Live Album Launch Party on YouTube to celebrate the release this Saturday May 1st at 12PM AEST.

Follow Amy Shark on Instagram at @amyshark or find her on Facebook here.

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