Andrew Papas’ single Troublemaker managed to hit #2 on the Viral Spotify playlist in early February, and with the release of the accompanying music video he’s set his sights on the world. HAZEL REID caught up with him to chat new music, his solo journey, highlights with Titanium, and sharing his life wisdom.


Tell us about your new single, Troublemaker, and the inspiration behind it.

It’s just a fun song – one of those [songs] where you just want people to listen to it and enjoy it. It’s kind of [a] let your hair down, chill song; that’s the inspiration. At the time I was feeling very free and very excited about things. It was a while ago, but that’s what I was feeling at that time. I hope it puts people in a good mood.


You were with Titanium for many years. What’s a highlight of that experience?

There was so many good moments. My most favourite thing we did was performing at Madison Square Garden in New York, that was awesome. I think that’s the most credible thing we did. We performed at lots of places, opened for Mariah Carey, and things like that. It just seemed like you’re there to do your thing and they expect [you] to do it really well. It’s not amateur town- this is it. I like it when the pressure’s on like that, it’s nice.


How was it being chucked in a house and a tour bus with five guys you didn’t know?

It taught me that I’m not really tolerable of other people and their habits. [Laughs] To be honest, I’m probably the hardest one to live with if anything. I think I’m the pain because I’m such a neat, clean freak. It probably taught me to be a bit more flexible.


Tell us what it has been like embarking on your solo music journey.

It’s cool. In the beginning when I released my first single, Burn It Down, it almost felt really weird and lonely, [but] not negatively. Whenever I travelled to do press or went to Christchurch I was just by myself, and I was in the hotel hanging out by myself. There’s no-one to really talk to… initially it felt weird, it was an adjustment, but otherwise it’s okay.


How about going from recording music with five others around you to now just you in the booth?

It was kind of more pressure because it’s all focused on just you. The producer is there, the writer is there, they’re kind of like, ‘deliver.’ I have to do a good job because all these people are depending on me. Whereas when you’re in a group, its kind of like if I don’t come up with a great idea, I’m sure someone else will. We bounce off each other.

In saying that, it’s cool because you get to do exactly what you want and you don’t have to consider anyone else, which is also cool as a creative as you have your own ideas. Us creators, we feel really passionate about our idea [like] it’s the best idea in the whole wide world [laughs]. So if there’s only one of you, that idea is going to get heard.


What song are you most proud of?

As a solo artist, I think Troublemaker is the one I’m the most proud of. Not just because of the song, just how hard we worked to get it where it is. It took two years to finish the song…It evolved and changed. It’s had three different names, three different hooks in it’s time. Eventually I was in the studio with Josh and Jason and we were playing around with the lyrics and came up with Troublemaker. It clicked and it was awesome. It was the moment we needed to sum up what I was trying to say.


Best piece of life wisdom/advice?

I would honestly say just do what makes you happy. I think that’s what I’ve learnt recently – even if you disappoint people, if it’s making you happy [do that]. Honestly whatever it is, if you want to do something in your career, or if it’s who you want to be with or what gender or any of that- if it makes you happy, that’s what you should do. At the end of the day, you’re the one that’s going to live through that.


Where would you like to see yourself in one year, two years, and five years?

In a year’s time, I would have liked to release a couple more singles and in two year’s time I would have liked to have released an album. In five years, I would love to be touring the world and maybe even living in America. When we were in New York, it was really awesome and I felt really creative and inspired – it was really cool to be there so that’s somewhere I’d like to be in a few years time, take it up a notch.


Andrew’s new single Troublemaker is out now – check out the music video below.


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