Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design is an award-winning specialist in tertiary arts and design education with certificate, degree and postgraduate programmes in Fine Arts, Photo Media, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Arts Management and Arts Therapy.

Whitecliffe provides an innovative and rewarding environment with low student-to-lecturer ratios that enable lecturers to focus on the individual needs of students. The programmes are taught by practising artists, designers, educators and researchers who have a passion for art and teaching that inspires and encourages creativity. As well as developing individual creative talents, students learn critical thinking, research, communication and presentation skills. The vibrant student community of 480 students is exposed to the contemporary arts and design world through exhibitions, international guests and industry professionals.

Independence, creativity and risk-taking are strongly encouraged within Whitecliffe programmes, from foundation to postgraduate level. Whitecliffe graduates are articulate, innovative creative thinkers with broad skills and a high level of industry standard technical proficiency. They create powerful and compelling visual expressions of their ideas, are leaders in the creative industries, and shape contemporary culture.

Internships, fieldwork and student exhibitions are an integral part of the Whitecliffe curriculum and prepare students for a career in the creative arts, and related professions. Whitecliffe also provides comprehensive professional grounding in areas such as business, marketing and ethics. Professional practice is modelled and valued at all levels.

Foundation Certificates (NZQF Level 4)
•    Certificate in Arts and Design
•    Certificate in Digital Media and design
18 weeks with July and February intakes each year
Create a professional portfolio which assists entry to degree level study in arts and design

Bachelor of Fine Arts (NZQF Level 7)
•    Fine Arts
•    Photo Media
•    Fashion Design
•    Graphic Design
The programme includes Entrepreneurship courses to ensure students have a smoother transition from study to work.

Postgraduate programmes: NZQF Levels 8 and 9
•    BFA (Honours)
•    Master of Fine Arts
•    Arts Management
•    Arts Therapy

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