You surely know by now, but Rhythm & Alps have dropped a really special line-up with ScHoolboy Q, Nao, Fat Freddy’s Drop and Little Dragon among the huge hitters.

But Aussie songstress Tash Sultana was announced before all that, and for good reason.

Like always, this R&A will be a chance to enter the New Year surrounded by the unparalleled beauty that is Wanaka in the South Island. But seldom do New Zealand New Years festivals get talent like Tash Sultana.

Here are the three main reasons why this holds true:


1) She’s got the tunes to back up her billing.

This year alone, Tash Sultana has already released a classic. Jungle is a seriously energetic song that benefits majorly from Tash’s clear sense of direction. The guitar is confident; and makes its mark through riffs and spiralling solos. The beat, however, remains the best part of it.


2) She’s a live performance veteran.

Photo by Regan Lethbridge.

Tash has just finished playing a series of shows across New Zealand. All three shows – Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch – sold out way too quickly, leaving lots of fans bummed.

Headlining R&A won’t be her first time with a festival either. In 2016 Tash was included in the very prestigious Laneway tour across Australia and Singapore, and just this year she was billed very high up on the Splendour in the Grass line-up.

Tash Sultana is quite clearly an artist in demand.


3) She’s actually just amazing.

Any artist that begins their story by busking in the streets of Melbourne is doing alright by me. While once upon a time the footpath was her venue, now she plays globally.

Her style will fit in comfortably in Wanaka come this New Years. Beanies, backward caps, big coats and ripped jeans, as she is known to wear, will make her the single coolest person at the event, and her relaxed, but genuinely hilarious personality will be obvious to every single body attending.


Wanna know more? Of course you do! Head to Tash Sultana’s website or keep up to date with her awesomeness on Facebook.


ALEX LYALL has been obsessed with music since Green Day’s American Idiot. Until then he genuinely thought it was illegal to call anybody that word. Alex studies Law at Canterbury so can confirm that actually, it is perfectly legal to do so. Anyway, here are some more of his articles:

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