Indie-pop band, There’s a Tuesday have been taking the local scene by storm following their win at Smokefree Rockquest in 2019. After connecting with BENEE at Rhythm and Alps in 2020, they became the second signee (joining Muroki) to her record label Olive Records and are set to join her Aotearoa tour next year. We caught up with Natalie (Nat) Hutton to chat about their new single, Bus Stop, creative inspirations and future plans!

Tell us about your latest single, Bus Stop?
We wrote Bus Stop early last year. The song plays on the notion of ‘right person, wrong time’ and more often than less, the sadness that it can bring. Inspired by a human who takes the bus a great amount, ‘Bus Stop’ shares the story of two people who realise that being different to one another isn’t a reason to dismiss a conversation, relationship or experience. 

How did There’s a Tuesday form and what were your experiences musically before the band?
The four of us were all in separate musical acts before There’s a Tuesday and grew up around a lot of music having our families pretty into it too! My mum was a guitar teacher and is now in a choir, Joel’s mum is a music teacher, Gus’s Dad won ‘Battle of the Bands’ in high school and Minnie has a family band with her dad on bass and brother Walt on guitar, who is in the band ‘The Butlers’ and is also our co-manager! Sheesh something musical was just bound to happen for the four of us! We all went to different schools in Christchurch but ended up meeting through mutual friends and the music scene. Originally There’s a Tuesday was just a duo but after performing for a while, we decided that the type of sound we wanted to make was unable to be done as an acoustic duo so we called onboard our buddies, Angus and Joel! 

You’ve also recently signed to BENEE’s record label Olive, what has that experience been like?
Oh it’s just been so fun! Stella (BENEE) was someone we looked up to, far before meeting her. The two of us were both performing at Rhythm & Alps at the end of 2020 and that is where we met! Ever since she has been so supportive of us and a big sister. The signing to her label is just a huge plus really! It’s a beautiful label and they have been sharing our music far and wide which we are so grateful for. 

Where do you draw inspiration from and is there somewhere you like to get creative?
We draw a lot of inspiration from experiences we have and the people around us. The theme of mental health is definitely something we write about a lot, in particular anxiety. To us, writing songs about it feels just as helpful as therapy! It’s also super cool because not only is it something that us four feel strongly about due to experiencing it first hand, it’s universal! I think we can all say that our favourite place to get creative and compose is just in the comfort of our bedrooms or a lovely garden! 

Photo: Lucy Hammond

What’s your favourite part about performing live and do you have a song that you’re excited to play sometime soon?
We love performing live, it sounds so lame but it truly does provide you with a feeling and endorphin rush that is unlike anything else! Our favourite part for sure is just getting to do something we love while sharing it with people we love – the four of us truly are the best of friends! We are really looking forward to playing Bus Stop live now that it’s released wahooooo! 

Who are you enjoying listening to right now / who’s on your current playlist?
Far out, so many people! Still Woozy, Molly Payton, Little Simz, Phoebe Bridgers, The Japanese House and carwash (just to name a few!) 

What’s one song you wished you’d produced/created?
Hands down ‘Head Alone’ by Julia Jacklin. It’s the one cover we always play live as the lyrics need to be heard by as many humans as possible as they are just the most beautiful thing ever. 

Any dream collaborations?
Our dream collaboration would be with Phoebe Bridgers. Always has, always will. 

The world is still a little crazy right now but what do you hope is on the horizon for the next 12 months?
It’s definitely hard to know with the strange times we are experiencing at the mo but we can promise that we are releasing a lot of new music including a solid musical work. We will also be conducting a headline tour, playing some fun festivals over the Summer and most excitingly, joining BENEE on her New Zealand regional tour at the beginning of 2022. 

There’s a Tuesday’s new single Bus Stop is available to stream now and you keep up with the band’s adventures online.