Georgia Lines – Human

Aotearoa creative Georgia Lines has just dropped her new EP Human! The five-track record features previously released single Leave Behind and a number of new songs including today’s single Faith. This collection of music reflects a journey Georgia has had navigating human emotions and experiences like love, grief, growth, joy and pain. She was also just announced in the Top 20 for this year’s 2022 Silver Scroll Award for I Got You (congrats Georgia!). You can stream Human now.

Benson Boone – Better Alone 

American rising musician Benson Boone has followed up his past releases In The Stars and international hit debut Ghost Town with the emotionally beautiful Better Alone, which touches on how solitude can be healing in relationships. “Loving someone is so important but being independent and loving yourself is equally important.” Today also marks the release of Benson’s debut EP Walk Me Home.

Harper Finn – Newcomer

Local artist Harper Finn’s new EP Newcomer encapsulates the first phase of his musical journey which includes the hit single Dance Away These Days and 2022 track Different Skies. A highlight from today’s EP release is his new single Euphoria, a feel-good song about meeting someone and the feeling they give you is hard to put into words. You can stream Harper’s new eight-track record now.

Hayley Kiyoko – Panorama

Hayley Kiyoko’s much-anticipated record Panorama is finally out in the world and features previously released tunes found my friends, chance, and for the girls. This album has been in the works for quite a while with Hayley sharing that she wanted it “to be perfect, and elevated and epic.” You can stream it in all its glory below. 

Kylie Price – Keepin On

Dunedin singer-songwriter Kylie Price may be across the world in London right now (and recording at the iconic Abbey Road Studios!) but that hasn’t stopped her releasing rad new music – the latest is a tune called Keepin On and you can check out some of the sights the UK has to offer in the song’s music video directed by NZ creative Taine Noble.

Russ featuring Ed Sheeran – Are You Entertained

American artist Russ is joined by Ed Sheeran on his new track, Are You Entertained. The song with Ed and the music video (below) was a special experience for Russ after a chance encounter at a restaurant blossomed this friendly collaboration. Ed then introduced Russ to Jamal Edwards who wrote the treatment for the video (but unfortunately passed away before filming) but his family and community rallied together to bring Jamal’s vision to life. Russ is also heading down under this November, bringing his Shake The Globe Tour to Spark Arena on the 15th.

Cover Corner: Daniel Seavey – Hallelujah

You may recognise American singer-songwriter Daniel Seavey as one fifth of the music group Why Don’t We. Daniel shared online that this version of Leonard Cohen’s song is extra special personally because “this song has been a friend of mine throughout my whole life, and for that reason it was an absolute honour to record and produce my own version alongside some of Leonard Cohen’s original band mates”.