You would have heard about the Vodafone Best Best Mate thing.

Vodafone Mates sent four Kiwi friends to a primo tropical island holiday in Fiji for six nights. The catch? One of the mates had to earn the trip for them, staying behing in NZ, marooned on a barge in Auckland Harbour.

In winter.

The winning group of best mates from Nelson were:
– Meg Parfitt, 19, a waitress saving for university
– Jesse White, 19, a checkout employee
– Kirsty Fern, 20, a Law student at University of Otago
– Jayden Walker, 18, a freight sorter.

The mate who drew the short straw was poor old Meg.

She slept in a tent, on a barge in the freezing weather. Like a champ.

She completed a series of challenges… and the longer she held out, the longer Jesse, Kirsty and Jayden could stay on Beachcomber Island, Fiji. Snorkelling, fishing and just generally, you know… being warm.

The reward? Meg Parfitt was crowned NZ’s Best Best Mate.

Mavericks Aaron Dahmen, Jess Suo and Hayley Smith took a trip out to the barge to meet the legend that is… Meg Parfitt.


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