Title: The Solo Travel Handbook (Lonely Planet)
Author: Sarah Reid
Reviewer: Alex Saifiti
Rating: 4/5


Travelling solo can be daunting, especially if it is your first time.

Lonely Planet’s The Solo Travel Handbook provides the necessary encouragement to get you travelling solo. Contained in a beautifully designed, easy-to-hold book, are practical tips and tricks for travelling safely while having an awesome time abroad.

From the outset, The Solo Travel Handbook offers a beautiful array of images to get the imagination running wild. It is split into five main chapters: Deciding to Go, Before You Go, On the Road, 10 Great Trips for Solo Travellers and Solo Travel Tales.

The initial two chapters provide words of encouragement to help settle your nerves and allow you to hit the ground running in your chosen destination.  I was especially fond of the solo travel quiz that provides insight to what type of solo traveller you are.

Even before you reach your destination, The Solo Travel Handbook provides practical advice on saving and budgeting, booking and packing, and tying up loose ends.

Photo by Sylwia Bartyzel on Unsplash.

The chapter On The Road provides practical tips with all possible bases covered, including the all-important responsible travel. The content is easy-to-read and never feels like an information overload. Although there is only a handful, the Solo Travel Tales provides real-life experiences of travelling solo.

Overall, the book provides a wealth of information that is useful and practical. I would highly recommend it for both first-timers and well-experienced solo travellers – there is something for everyone.

The Solo Travel Handbook paints the picture that travelling solo means no one is there to govern what you want to see and do – you are only limited by your own sense of adventure. This is a well thought-out and easy to read handbook that provides you helpful guidelines, a plethora of useful resources and the security and encouragement to get you out of your comfort zone, to experience a trip of a lifetime!


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