Selena Gomez: The Revival Tour
Vector Arena, Auckland, NZ
August 13th, 2016
4.5/5 stars

Selena Gomez lit up Vector Arena last night with her 100-minute set featuring old and new favourites, alongside her support acts, DNCE and Thomston.

Kiwi fave Thomston opened the show to an adoring crowd and performed tunes from his 2015 EPs, including Collarbone, and his new tune Float. I hadn’t seen him perform live before and appreciated how collected he was on such a big stage; can’t wait to hear more music from him!

I was super impressed with Thomston’s professionalism as well as his bandmates’, when a major technical fault had them battling (a song was played over his performance of Taylor Swift’s Style).

DNCE were the perfect group to amp the crowd up for the main act, Selena Gomez. Fronted by Joe Jonas, the electric foursome bounced around the stage during their 40-minute set. Jonas asked if there were any ’90s babies in the audience before jumping into a cover of No Scrubs, which launched a karaoke session with the crowd!

I really enjoyed their energy and the colourful personalities they brought to the stage – my favourites were Toothbrush and Cake By The Ocean where Joe went for a sprint through the crowd.

DNCE at Vector Arena - 14:8:16 - TWA

Selena took the stage with a bang, belting out her hit Same Old Love.

Ms. Gomez announced to the crowd that she was going to “throw it back, because this is my first time here.” She then burst into a remix of Come and Get It that had the audience dancing and singing along. Selena continued to play everyone’s favourites during the night, including Love You Like a Love Song, Slow Down and I Want You To Know.

I absolutely loved seeing my favourite tracks from her latest album performed live, such as Hands to Myself, Me & My Girls and Kill ‘Em With Kindness.

“I recorded this at 16, and now being 24 – I need it now more than ever,” Selena announced before launching into power-anthem Who Says. Continuing to show her array of talents, she jumped on the grand piano to perform her “favourite worship song,” a cover of Hillsong’s Transfiguration.

The night included extravagant lighting with lasers and strobes and five costume changes, all with lots of glitter. There were also visuals that featured giant inflatable roses popping out from under the stage for Me & The Rhythm, where Selena donned the sparkliest gold jumpsuit ever.

As Gomez transitioned into her final outfit change of the night – a sparkly green bodysuit with denim and silver jacket, she thanked everyone for coming and promised that she wouldn’t take as long to come back next time. Selena battled through strep-throat to give her Kiwi fans the ultimate showcase and the crowd loved every minute of it.

Selena Gomez (3) - 14:8:16 - TWA

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  1. Revival (Partial)
  2. Same Old Love
  3. Come & Get It
  4. Sober
  5. Good for You
  6. Survivors
  7. Slow Down
  8. Love You Like a Love Song
  9. Hands to Myself
  10. Who Says
  11. Transfiguration (Hillsong Worship cover)
  12. Nobody
  13. Feel Me
  14. Me & My Girls
  15. Me & the Rhythm
  16. Body Heat
  17. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (Eurythmics cover)
  18. Kill Em With Kindness
  19. I Want You To Know (Zedd cover)
  20. Revival