The 16th New Zealand Fashion Week has kicked into full swing, with back-to-back shows of national and international designers taking to the runway.

Day 2 saw Salasai, French83, Wynn Hamlyn, Mitchell Vincent, Erik Yvon, AO, BlackEyePeach and XPLAIN feature their new collections. TEARAWAY was there to capture all the action…



Kicking off the runway’s shows for the day, Salasai created a unique setup that found the audience standing around giant frames which the models navigated through with ease. This year’s selection featured great neutral pieces alongside brilliant flower pieces that I really enjoyed.


The menswear brand headed by in-house designer Nicole Wesseling, a Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design graduate, hit the right spot with their new collections. The bomber jackets and fantastic patterns set this selection apart from the others – their blue jacket and pants combo was my favourite.

Wynn Hamlyn

Taking over The Tent for an afternoon showcase was Fashion Week regular Wynn Hamlyn. Through the bright lights and pumping soundtrack, funky pieces with all different styles, from wool to a rug-like fabric, provided something for everyone in this womenswear show.

New Generation

Each year, the NZ Fashion Week team work with designers who haven’t presented their collections there before. Tuesday’s New Generation show featured Mitchell Vincent, Erik Yvon and AO with three diverse selections.

Mitchell Vincent showcased his neutral looks in both womenswear and menswear – his jackets were definitely the highlights of his pieces.

Australia-based Erik Yvon brought his bright ideas to the runway with funky accessories to match. I specifically liked the white dress with his signature words and drawings on it.

AO’s selection was last to hit the catwalk with his amazing pants, skirts and off-the-shoulder dresses on display.

BlackEyePeach and XPLAIN

These two Kiwi brands came together to put on a show this year, and I enjoyed every minute of it!

BlackEyePeach (or B.E.P. for short) not only showed their love for the simple black dresses, but their funky flower suits for both men and women too!

XPLAIN designer Karen Zhang established her label with a focus on garment cohesion and layering which really shone through, with her beautiful two-tone black dresses and a great flower number on display.

That’s Day 2 of New Zealand Fashion Week done and dusted, we can’t wait to share the rest of the week here at TEARAWAY with all of our fellow fashionistas!