“Keep your time, keep your mind, keep humble

Start your life in the middle of the jungle

You, young blood.”


It’s songs like Noah Kahan’s Young Blood that make us want to conquer our darkest fears and chase our wildest dreams! The perfect blend of Noah’s raw yet powerful vocals and an acoustic guitar is enough to sweep us away into a universe where we feel invincible, untouchable.

We recently chatted with the 20-year-old American singer-songwriter about his music and his journey from growing up in small-town Vermont to travelling the world, being signed to Republic Records and even working alongside producer Joel Little (who produced Lorde’s debut album)!

It seems ambitious but being unconventional always seemed like the path he would go down. As his friends went off to university, Noah was steadfast in his dream and continued to write music. Upon hearing his songs, it struck me that his lyrics were very poetic and I couldn’t help but wonder what the inspiration behind it was. For Noah, it’s about constantly documenting meaningful experiences and latching onto an emotion you feel. Once you are emotionally charged, the songwriting process becomes easier.

He believes that songwriting is much bigger than writing words to a melody –  it’s creating a connection with the people listening to the music just as his role models, Hozier, Ben Howard, James Bay and Sufjan Stevens have done. When asked about what he hopes to achieve with his music, Noah stated, “There’s no point in making music that isn’t able to reach people who are feeling vulnerable or small. So if I can help people feel better about themselves or be inspired to follow their dreams, then that’s what matters.”

From his own experiences, he’s realised the joys of pursuing his dream. It started off with him putting a couple of songs online during his high school years and from there, they gained a lot of popularity. Even people from his small town in Vermont were listening to them and encouraging him. Eventually, through Soundcloud, he got in touch with his manager Drew Simmons and in no time, they both got to work in Los Angeles. For Noah, it has been a  very surreal journey writing, recording and working with a band all while travelling the world and absorbing new things everyday. It’s a “crazy musicians’ life,” but he is relishing every moment and  enjoying all the weird and wonderful things that come with it.

Living this fantastic life while achieving your goals along the way is something that we would all want to be doing, right!? If you want to be doing the same thing, take it from Noah who shares his brilliant piece of advice:

“Stay disciplined in your dream. Don’t let people throw you off track! Keep on doing what you’re doing. I mean, I didn’t think that I could one day be here doing an interview with you based on songs I wrote when I was younger. It’s something that you really have to believe in. If you work hard enough and latch onto something that you think is very special, then you’re on your way and there’s not much more that you can do. Just keep working and keep doing what you love!”

Although Noah is on the verge of stardom, he is still astounded every day by how far he has come. He also serves as an inspiration to all of us dreamers – to be ambitious, steadfast and  learn from your experiences. We already cannot get enough of his soul-stirring music!


Keep up to date with Noah’s progress on Facebook or Instagram… and just so you don’t have to hunt for it yourself, here’s the stellar music video for Young Blood!

FAGA TUIGAMALA,  simply known as ‘Fang’, is a short-sighted music nerd who laughs too much. Keep up with the eccentric pianist on Instagram: @fangtuigamala