I recently went to New York with Adobe for the TEDxTeen event! I’ve been dreaming of going to New York for years, and it was just like what you see in the movies but on a more extreme scale. Although I brought half my wardrobe, I was still missing a few pieces. I was there in Autumn and I did not expect the weather to be so cold.

It can be hard to know what to pack when you are traveling to a new place, especially when it is somewhere like New York, one of the fashion capitals of the world. I knew that I would come across many different styles, from the high street to the hipsters of Brooklyn, and I honestly couldn’t stop staring at everyone’s outfits as they walked past. Before I get into some tips of what to pack, I just want to say one thing – be yourself! There are so many different people in New York and many different styles and trends. So as you are wandering the busy streets make sure your personality shines through your outfit. Some of my favourite trends I saw were: long statement coats, lots of check and plaid patterns, and of course, black boots for days.

  1. Check the weather

Make sure you check the weather in advance to see what the temperature is like at the time you are going. I also like to check past years’ weather reports for the dates I’m going, as they can give you an idea of what to expect. Once you have an idea of what the weather will be like, you can start searching on Pinterest for outfit inspo, and see what the current styles and trends are.


  1.  Pack smart

If you are travelling to New York in autumn, make sure you pack a few t-shirts, as some days can be warm. Simple black or white long sleeves are perfect to pair with some jeans and a warm jacket. If you want to mix it up a little you can wear a graphic t-shirt over a tight long sleeve. But also make sure you have a big coat, beanie, and scarf with you, as the temperature will suddenly drop. When you are packing, try to take basic pieces that will go with anything; a couple of plain shirts, a good pair of jeans, and a warm jumper. Then add some statement pieces that you can throw on to pull your outfit together. Think big colourful or patterned coats and jackets – the perfect way to add style to your outfit. Also a funky pair of shoes or hat will make you stand out in the busy streets.

Photo by Taniesha Parker.

  1.   Comfortable shoes

Take two pairs of shoes! A comfortable pair, such as sneakers, as you will be doing A LOT of walking and you don’t want to have sore feet. Also take a nice pair of shoes for going out, such as some little black boots, as these will go with anything and they look stylish but will also keep your feet warm. Depending on how long you are going for, and the size of your luggage, you can take another pair, but you also want to make sure you have enough room to bring some shopping home. Definitely check out Macy’s on Broadway and Urban Outfitters for lots of different styles of clothes.

  1.   Accessorise

Accessories will be your best friend and help you vamp up your outfit! I recommend taking some simple jewellery with a few statement pieces. Earrings are an easy way to change up your outfit, and if you are wearing anything where your neck or wrists are exposed, add a necklace or simple bracelet. If you are going in autumn or winter you will definitely need beanies and a scarf. Oversized scarves, long coats and black boots make a perfect outfit for wandering the cold streets of New York.

Photo by Taniesha Parker.

  1.  Don’t forget your camera!

Your camera will be glued to your hand the whole trip. Although your phone may take great photos, there is nothing like taking photos on a film camera or a DSLR, then getting them printed when you get home. Every street you turn down there will be a perfect photo opportunity. You will definitely have enough outfit photos to spam your Instagram followers.


TANIESHA PARKER is a lover of film and photography. If you asked her to recite a scene from Grease, she could!

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