“I really believe in true love; I love the idea of having that one person that means everything to you, but I do think that everyone has a couple of people that could have been their one.”

Up and coming musician Marianne Leigh has been on our radar for quite some time now, establishing herself as an incredibly honest and talented singer-songwriter with a knack for creating soulful yet catchy tunes.

Riding off the release of her debut EP Timeline Last January, Leigh’s latest single “Could’ve Been The One” is a vulnerable, reflective story of regret.

I sat down with Marianne to discuss the her latest single and her creative process.

Leigh’s Could’ve Been The One is a tragic ode to lost love and the ‘what if’s’. She explained to me how personal experience influences this track in particular: “Sometimes you walk away from a relationship and realise that that person could have been the one – it’s a really hard feeling. It absolutely could have been okay, but it wasn’t, and that’s what the song is about. It also talks about seeing them with someone else and that kind of feeling. I think that you never wanna feel that, but you do.”

“I wrote from the perspective of someone who saw other people in love and just remembered what that feeling felt like.”

Like a lot of musicians, Leigh has used the nation-wide lockdown to her advantage, and experimented with producing over the period – “I actually recorded it during isolation. I can’t name the producer I worked with because it’s a bit of a secret at the moment, but it is someone really talented and new. I recorded the vocals in my room my brother’s microphone and guitar and I sent it to him. We went back and forth and created it through isolation virtually. It was really interesting; I’ve never done it that way before!”

The producer of the track – a nameless artist to which Marianne refers to as Jay – has certainly brought the single to life through warm string arrangements and solemn guitar.

However, Leigh’s standout lyricism and skilful use of language really set the track apart. She is able to craft real-life situations into relatable stories.

“The song actually took a few months. I remember I was walking back from a train station; I had just been out with my friends. I was walking up the hill to my house, and I saw these two lovers, and they were dancing in the street in front of me and just being so cute! I’d had a bad day that day and I was just looking at them like “I remember that feeling’. That was a while ago when I saw them and remembered that feeling, and wrote down ‘I saw two lovers walking the street today’ – it’s the opening lyric to the song”.

“I want it to be a story. I hope that someone who has gone through the same thing relates to it. If they do they should message me and tell me!”

Could’ve Been The One is out now on all streaming platforms.

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