Notice anything missing in this image? Yep, we’ve lost the letters A and O. That’s what NZBlood’s new Missing Type Campaign aims to avoid, because A and O are the most common – and most needed – blood types. Read on for all the info!

Blood is crucial to life, everyone knows that. It carries oxygen and nutrients around our bodies. But you have up to five litres of blood, and you don’t need every drop.

If one day you need a blood transfusion, maybe from being in an accident, you might not get the blood you need because there isn’t enough of your blood type. That would suck, but it happens more than you think, because more people have accidents than donate blood.

The Missing Type Campaign is all about getting people to part with a little under 500mL of their blood to help someone who needs it. 500mL is nothing compared to 5L. Yet blood types A and O are in low supply and high demand, as they are the most common blood types.

So if you want to save a life with one hour and one needle, here’s what you need to do:

  • Be 16 or older
  • Meet the height and weight requirements. See this handy quiz!
  • Wait:
    • 24 hours after dental work
    • 6 months after a tattoo or body piercing
    • If you have a cold
  • Check here if you’ve been travelling overseas.
  • Eat something beforehand

If you meet the requirements, don’t delay! Sign up on the NZBlood website, and go save lives.

If you don’t meet the requirements, don’t worry! I don’t make the height and weight requirements, but it doesn’t matter, because we can still do our bit by encouraging friends and family, and posting all about it on social media.

Click here for more info about NZBlood’s Missing Type Campaign.

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