You’ll know Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee for their hilarious antics and pranks on their world famous YouTube channels (where they boast over 13.5 million subscribers on their main channels alone).

Their first feature film together, 2015’s Joe & Caspar Hit the Road: Europe was such a huge success, the BBC got the talented boys back together to produce Joe & Caspar Hit the Road USA!

Joe and Caspar will be heading down under this November, making their New Zealand debut to promote their upcoming movie.

We chatted to the London-based duo about YouTube life, filming together and visiting New Zealand.


You’re heading down to New Zealand for Hit the Road Live. What can fans expect from your live show?

Caspar: During our previous Hit the Road live shows, we gave previews to the film [and] answered heaps of questions. The audience got to know us a lot more, as it was personal. There was a lot of laughs and it was heaps of fun.


Joe, you’ve been to New Zealand before – are you looking forward to coming back for the show?

Joe: Yeah definitely, it’s up there as my favourite country to travel to. I spent a month travelling around in a camper van in 2011 throughout the North and South Island. I loved it. I think my favourite place was Queenstown as there was a lot going on and it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.


Caspar, you haven’t been to New Zealand before – what do you know about NZ?

Caspar: You guys have amazing accents; I hear there is a lot of sheep in New Zealand. There is bungee jumping, Lord of the Rings was filmed there. When I picture New Zealand, I picture a lot of dark green – I don’t know if I’m right…


You’ve just finished filming your second film, Joe & Caspar Hit the Road USA.

Joe: The first movie went really well – it broke records and was successful with our audiences. The offer came to do this second one which we wanted to do anyway. We got to do this one bigger and better on a bigger scale. We got to film it in America and there’s some wacky characters there – it’s full of funny moments. We had so much fun doing the first one.


Do you have a favourite moment from filming?

Caspar: We got to drive really cool cars this time and we are working with the same team behind Top Gear. It was cool driving with them, it was special that they let me drive this time.


What was your favourite location while shooting in America?

Caspar: We went to a cowboy ranch in Arizona and it was so nice to be out in the middle of nowhere. The cowboys were really nice at times and I really like the outdoors.


Joe, you’re releasing your second graphic novel, Username: Regenerated, in September. What made you decide to release a graphic novel and what was the experience like?

Joe: Growing up, I was always a big fan of comic books like Dennis the Menace. I always found those stories easy to read as it was a story-board style. As I got older, I got into graphic novels and when the idea came around to do a book, I wanted to do something different and bring out a graphic novel. A lot of people have said that they didn’t really know what a graphic novel was until I bought one out and have really gotten into them, which is great, as I’m opening up my audience to a genre of reading and I’m really proud of that.


Do you have a favourite collaboration and is there anyone you would like to collaborate with in the future?

Joe: Any videos with Caspar are fun to film. I would like to collaborate with The Rock. He’s just bought out a YouTube channel.

Caspar: Joe is always so fun to film with and he’s got heaps of energy. The Rock would definitely be one. I would also like to collaborate with Jamie’s World.


What has been the biggest ‘I can’t believe this is happening moment so far?

Joe: There has been so many, it’s hard to think of one in particular. I’ve had so many different opportunities. When we were filming the first Hit the Road, it was something I’d never experienced before. We had a whole team working around us to make something for our audience and it was mind-boggling to me. Every day I get surprised by something. It’s all good fun.


Did you ever see yourself becoming an internationally-known digital personality?

Caspar: I just go with the flow. I just started off making videos in my bedroom in South Africa. Now I’m travelling the world with my best mate, we even get to come to New Zealand. I want to work on our production company a lot more, do more shows and see where that takes us. I really enjoy making content, wherever that is happening.


Do you have a favourite quote or motto you like to live by?

Joe: My main one that I live by is ‘don’t take yourself too seriously’. At the end of the day, life should be a laugh, fun and games. Try [to] at least get a laugh in a day – you’ll live longer if you laugh.


What would be your advice for someone wanting a career in the entertainment industry?

Caspar: You’ve got to do it because you love what you’re doing. There is a lot of hard work that goes in and there will be a times where people don’t like what you’re doing, but if you’re enjoying yourself, that is all that matters.


We’re looking forward to seeing you both on our shores in November. Do you have a message for your Kiwi fans?

Joe: We’re really looking forward to seeing you!

Caspar: We really can’t wait – thank you for all the support from so far away and we’re travelling to New Zealand for you guys!


Tickets are now available for Joe & Caspar’s live show at Auckland’s ASB Theatre on November 10. The Joe & Caspar Hit The Road USA film is due out in November, more information here.