Title: Rich Enough? A Laid-Back Guide for Every Kiwi
Author: Mary Holm
Publisher: HarperCollins
Rating: 4/5

From New Zealand’s most trusted money expert comes a book you won’t be afraid to show off while reading on the bus. Mary Holm’s latest piece is a guide for every Kiwi, be they long time investors, first home buyers or those struggling to see how they’ll financially survive Christmas, Holm does a fantastic job of providing information which is easy to follow and enjoyable to read.

The book follows a logical sequence and there is initial encouragement to follow the contents in their order, to experience the full weight of Holm’s many years engaging with all types of Kiwis on their financial journey. You may be one of the smug ones who doesn’t have high-interest debt or already has an emergency fund well underway. However, by following the order of contents, you benefit from Holm’s words of wisdom which ultimately provide certainty and clarity.

Rich Enough? by Mary Holm | Rakuten Kobo New Zealand
Credit: HarperCollins

I learnt a lot reading this book and found myself dog-earing many pages to come back to later, to re-read and absorb again. The book provides a plethora of tangible actions to take forward. It allows you to assess your current state and the financial decisions you’ve made to date, then compare options and change if necessary. Throughout the book, there are quick links which are very useful, from comparing insurance providers to understanding the different types of Kiwisaver investment strategies. There is great advice on offer, no matter your level of financial literacy.

Catering to all audiences, Holm provides real-life examples which provide authenticity. Backed by statistics and data, there is a fine balance between tangible examples and empirical evidence. There’s even the ‘Maths alert!’ warning to get your brain adjusted to upcoming number crunching – or if you’re not in the mood, prepare you to skip over that particular part.

Holm does a great job of turning what can often be dry topics into digestible pieces of information. The book’s blurb sums it up well, “Read this one book, set up your money, and get on with your life!”. Holm certainly does a good job at providing the reader with the correct amount of information to be able to do exactly this. The book is worth adding to your library, and would even make a good gift for someone who is driven but won’t take offence at you providing them with a book about financial literacy.

Referenced at the beginning and end of the book is the concept of happiness and its relationship with money, surmised in the question “Rich Enough?”. Not only is there an opportunity to learn and lift your financial capability, but the book also provides the opportunity to think about what happiness means to you and what it means to be financially free. There is certainly a lot of food for thought and all the more reason to come back to this book throughout different ages and life stages.

Rich Enough? A Laid-Back Guide for Every Kiwi is out now.
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