Title: Life on Earth
Author: David Attenborough
Rating: 5/5 stars
Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers
Reviewed by: Deborah Tan


Life on Earth has been revived in its 40th anniversary edition, with David Attenborough updating his iconic book on the wonders of the natural world. David Attenborough has been so influential in his time. He has had a place of importance in many people’s childhoods, mine included, as someone who introduced us to key facts about science and nature. His TV programmes were a staple in the classroom.

Since Life On Earth was first published in 1979, technology has experienced major developments, as has science. Attenborough’s book now highlights salient points such as the importance and loss of biodiversity, and other pressures that are experienced by nature. More recent developments such as the discovery of Denisovans and latest knowledge on the origin of homo sapiens are included.

Attenborough weaves tales about plants and animals in a natural and charismatic way that reflects his on-screen presence. These are accompanied by beautiful, highly detailed photographs ranging from starfish to bee orchids to axolotls. Through his stories, you really are immersed in the story of nature, as well as the history of how things came to be. This is an educational and entertaining book that can be enjoyed time and time again. This book is perfect for anyone who enjoys science and nature.

In Life on Earth, Attenborough remains inspiring and reminds us all to cherish life on earth, and to treat nature with respect and kindness.


DEBBIE TAN is an Aucklander who likes art, anime, stickers, singing, horror movies and cunning word play. Also passionate about youth activism.