First World Problems
17th July, 2018
The Basement Theatre, Auckland.
Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Kaavya Benjamin and Nidha Khan

Need ideas for a date night? Need a laugh? Want to reflect on your life? Want a (or 16) new perspectives on South Asians? Go see First World Problems. Agaram Productions, along with Prayas Theatre, have cooked up another amazing show. Challenging mainstream ideas and perspectives, the anthology of contemporary performances has something for everybody.

The show offers 16 short, delightful performances from talented South Asian actors and writers (who could all easily create standalone shows of their own) of varying ages and genders. This is a poignant and humorous glimpse into the life of South Asians in New Zealand. I say ‘a glimpse’ because each actor only has a couple of minutes to take us on their rebellious, sometimes mischievous, journey. The result of this a whole myriad of debacles, experiences and heartfelt narratives, packed into 60 minutes of pure entertainment.

The performances are equal part fervent and hilarious, effortlessly dancing between the lines of comedy and drama. One minute you’re on a high, laughing at all the gossiping aunties, the next minute your heart breaks for the young South-Asian women struggling with her sexuality in a unaccepting conservative culture – Log Kya Kahenge? (What will people think?).

With the seamless transitions from one story to another, to the cosy atmosphere of the theatre itself, the overall experience is something you do not want to miss. I would tell you to go watch this show, if the tickets weren’t already sold out (or will be after that amazing opening night). However, due to the immense popularity of the show, a matinee performance has been added for Saturday 21st of July. If you want to know about the inner workings of a ladies gossip session or the many wonderful uses of Shakti chilli powder, get your tickets quick!

First World Problems is playing at the Basement Theatre till the 21st of July, book your tickets here!