Boy & Bear
Powerstation, Auckland
5 Feb 2016


People have divided opinions of the Powerstation. Personally, I love it.

It has a simple and relaxed atmosphere, plus a massive print of my idol, Brian Eno, on the wall.

Boy & Bear really brought the venue to life, though. The show was nearly sold out, but wasn’t over sold. Which means you had room to breathe, or even dance, as the relentless drums often compelled the listener to do.

Boy & Bear’s songs are built around higher tempos with driving folk rhythms, juxtaposed with David Hosking’s deep, almost lethargic vocals. These songs translated well to their extremely rehearsed live set. Space between songs was negligible; as one song finished the band would leap straight into the next, squeezing around 20 songs into their 90-minute set.

A highlight halfway through the show was their cover of Amy Winehouse’s song Back to Black. It’s a song they originally arranged for Triple J’s Like A Version.

Towards the end of the set, Hosking talked to the crowd – something there had been very little of until then – and explained that the band doesn’t do encores. “I’m telling you now, to save things getting awkward later,” he laughed. “We usually do two more songs, but I think we’ll do three more if that’s okay with you?”.

The crowd burst out in cheers, they had been loving every minute of the show so far. I was very impressed with the band’s policy. A brilliant way to give the audience their encore without all the posturing and fake humility, pretending that there wasn’t going to be one.

Boy & Bear got on stage and gave the audience their everything from the very first moment.

They were thrilled and there was no need for an encore.


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