This year’s World Vision 40 Hour Famine is just around the corner (on from the 1st to the 3rd of July) so we caught up with a few of this year’s Youth Ambassadors, Charlotte Gee, Tanika Naidoo and Jemiah Teariki, to get the low down on this year’s fundraising which has a focus on giving clean water to kids living in some of the world’s toughest places and their tips for coming up with your own 40 hour challenge. 

Can you share with us how you got involved with your role as a World Vision Youth Ambassador this year and what made you want to do it?

Charlotte: I’ve done the World Vision 40 Hour Famine for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been passionate about social justice and in 2020 my friends and I wrote a magazine on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking which is now a nationally approved social studies resource. As a young person, it is so empowering to have these opportunities to make a difference.

Tanika: I had always looked up to the youth ambassadors who came into my school and talked to us. I was particularly inspired by them because they were able to be a voice for children on the other side of the world who were in great need. 

Jemiah: I knew this was my chance to help vulnerable communities who are less fortunate. It was also a chance to inspire young tamariki in New Zealand. I grew up watching my family work hard and persevere so I could have a better future, that’s my “why” to help do that for others. 

What type of activities do you get amongst as a World Vision Youth Ambassador and do you have a highlight from your work?

Tanika: It’s really awesome to visit schools and find out what kinds of challenges people have planned this year. Some of my favourites are a school that’s running a thrift shop, a 40km kayak and a team that’s making 40 care packages – it’s really inspiring to see. 

Jemiah: We encourage tamariki to use their creative genes to come up with some amazing challenges for the World Vision 40 Hour Famine.

This year’s 40 Hour Famine is around supporting access to clean water overseas – can you share a bit about this year’s fundraising focus?

Charlotte: Clean water is a human right. We can’t survive more than three days without it, yet one in every five children doesn’t have enough clean water to get through the day. This year’s 40 Hour Famine is changing everything with clean water.

Tanika: Clean water changes everything for these kids because it means they can attend school and fulfil their dreams. 

Speaking of fundraising, every dollar counts and people can really make a difference with small amounts – can you tell us a bit about what people can aim for?

Jemiah: My favourite is to know that $32 can buy a one-month water purifying kit for a family. It’s amazing to know that this small amount can make such a difference. 

What ‘challenge’ will you be tackling for the 40 Hour Famine this year?

Charlotte: This year I will be doing 40 Acts of Kindness in 40 Hours. I LOVE the idea of this challenge, it goes beyond supporting children in vulnerable places and blesses the people in our backyard too.

Tanika: I will be cooking 40 meals and giving them out to locals in my community. I am super excited because I wanted to do something to benefit my local community at the same time as I’m raising money for kids who really need clean water.

Jemiah: This year I am putting together 40 care packages for 40 families while surviving off 40 dollars and 40 litres of water! 

The Youth Ambassadors are joined by this year’s World Vision 40 Hour Famine Ambassadors, actor Julian Dennison, radio host Tegan Yorwarth and rugby player Caleb Clarke, who are on a mission to change lives with clean water.

Grab your classmates, friends and family and head over to the 40 Hour Famine website to set up your own fundraising challenge ahead of the official event weekend – 1st to 3rd of July. 


Kia ora Jemiah! ✊ Jemiah is one of our wonderful World Vision Youth Ambassadors. Jemiah is passionate about equality and social justice and has decided to jump on board this year to help change everything for kids who need clean water. #40hournz #changeeverythingwithwater #nz #fyp #foryou

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Welcome Charlotte! Charlotte is joining our World Vision whānau as a World Vision Youth Ambassador based in Tāmaki Makaurau. Get in touch if you want her to come talk at your school – [email protected] #40hournz #changeeverythingwithwater #nz #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

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