UK singer-songwriter Thomas Headon has just released his new EP Victoria, following the release of tunes Strawberry Kisses and How Do I Know. We caught up with Thomas over Zoom on his day-off in between shows on his American tour and chatted all things music, touring and future plans. 

Thomas is UK-born but actually spent his younger years growing up just across the ditch in Australia, the place where his music journey began. “I started playing guitar and singing just trying to get girls to be honest [laughs]. My sister then took me to a bunch of gigs when I was 13 to 16, these were people playing 100 cap rooms in Melbourne, after two years between that time they were then basically playing arenas. I learnt that you’ve just got to write songs, if you have a bad day, emotional, write a song about it. It’s fun, I like my job,” he said. 

Fast forward to 2022 with multiple music releases under his belt, the Victoria EP is here. The title song features alongside five other tracks including The Most Beautiful Thing and Nobody Has To Know. Thomas shared that the record was written over six to seven months and is very personal, based on true stories. “It’s about being young and having a lot of fun, falling in and out of love with people, going on dates and seeing your friends. I wrote it all over the world – London, Berlin and Australia. It’s loud and fun to play live.” 

Thomas’ YouTube is filled with creative videos around his song releases so it’s no surprise the EP’s title track has a cool visualiser to go along with it. The Victoria music video is directly inspired by the story of the song and features Bridgerton’s Charithra Chandran as a lead. Thomas gave us a bit of insight on his creative process for producing the video. “I sit down with my creative director Jamie for a few hours and he asks me a bunch of questions about the song. I basically word vomit to him for about four hours and he jots everything down, connects all the dots and keeps me on track. From there we develop the idea, this whole EP has had an amazing director called Jordan Curtis-Hughes on board, he’s helped make everything look incredible.” 

Speaking of videos, I mentioned how good his cover was of Meet Me At Our Spot he had recently posted from his Deezer session in Paris. Thomas is also on the Tik Tok grind (with over 430k followers) and had posted a video recently that I related to about how good concerts were as it was so many people in a room who enjoy live music (a vibe!). Thomas has been having moments like that on his current tour across America where every show is different in ‘the best way’. “Usually there is this spot in Butterflies where I get into the crowd, stand on the barrier – it’s a big moment. The first night in Boston I went inside the crowd and then on the second night I did the same thing and it ended up being a Q&A, it was really fun,” he shared. 

Performing his song Nobody Else Knows live has been a highlight for Thomas as he said he feels ‘like a rockstar.’ It is also evident that Thomas and his fans have a special musical bond as during his last London show he mentioned that they did a “really cute project during this super slow emotional song, it was a beautiful thing – they all held up signs that said ‘we’re proud of you’ and they all sang along, it was such a moment.” Thomas had also highlighted earlier in our chat that getting to meet people after the shows was fun. 

After finishing his current American tour in Los Angeles this week, Thomas will head back downunder to tour his new music across Australia before a new UK tour later in the year. We spoke about what could be next on the agenda, he said “I want to announce a bunch of new music that I’ve got, show everyone that and a really nice summer holiday at the beach.” Thomas also mentioned wanting to come to New Zealand as he had heard NZ crowds are ‘insane’ (no pressure guys for when he does jump over here!) and wanted to experience that. He also mentioned being on Radio One’s Big Weekend line-up and wanting to play Lollapalooza in the future. 

Victoria, the new EP from Thomas Headon is available to stream now.