You may recognise talented musical trio A.R.T from last year’s season of Popstars where they showcased their original songs and powerhouse voices every week. The group who met each other a decade ago and went viral for their version of the National Anthem have just released their new single, Runner Up. We caught up with Rosetta, Anastasia and Tiresa to chat all things A.R.T, their Popstars experience and what’s next in the pipeline. 

Tell us about your new single Runner Up?
‘Runner Up’ is a song dedicated to everyone who has ever felt like a loser. In all honesty, we created this with very deep meaningful lyrics outlining what it feels like to be second place to someone you love, however, this song can be applied to almost any setting romantic or not. 

In contrast to the lyrics, we wanted to have a feel-good vibe to the production so that our listeners can dance those ‘Runner Up’ blues away! It’s a song to feel all the feels, but also to laugh at our faults and ultimately grow with them. Life will always have its downs, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make a groovy song about them!

Where do you like to get creative/source inspiration?
Almost always from each other, the amazing part about being in a trio is that we’re never short on inspiration, personal stories and hilarious venting sessions. We love to feed off of each other’s energies and create music from our experiences together in life. 

How did you get started with music?
We all started our journeys growing up in the church singing gospel music, as most Polynesian kids do. However our journey together as a trio began when Rosetta held auditions for a girl group back in 2012 at our local intermediate, it’s been quite a crazy ride ever since that day. 

You were in the Top 4 on Popstars, are you able to tell us a bit about your experience – do you have a highlight?
Popstars was such a huge stepping stone for our careers as we made so many new fans and friends because of the show. Our biggest highlight would probably be getting to share our unreleased music with the world for the first time, which was crazy. We were given a huge platform and resources to create live shows which we weren’t in a position to do so before the show, so it was such a great learning experience as up-and-coming artists. Oh and we were Runner Ups on the show too, so stream ‘Runner Up’ to hear more about our experience!

You played live multiple times on Popstars, what’s your favourite part about performing?
Our favourite part about the Popstars live shows was definitely being backed by NZ’s finest musicians ‘The Levites’. Performing to a live audience will always be the best part about being musicians for us, it’s such a surreal intimate setting where you can connect with people on a deeper level face to face. Sharing music we’ve worked on with all our hearts poured into always gets us quite emotional, it’s our lives, our whole entire beings with no filters or facades when you see us on stage.

Who are you enjoying listening to right now?
Anastasia: Victor J Sefo
Rosetta: imugi
Tiresa: TEEKS

It may be a little hard to plan at the moment but what do you hope is on the horizon for the next 12 months?
This year is one of total exploration for us, but we can’t reveal all our secrets just yet. We have more songs on the way and are always writing and creating as we navigate this crazy world together. Our plan is to always stay true to who we are and to make sure that shines through our music. Please keep an eye out, we can’t wait to share more with you! 

A.R.T’s new single Runner Up is available now and you can keep up with their journey on their Instagram page.