I’ve recently planned to go on a domestic getaway with my two closest friends during the mid-semester break for university. Something to give ourselves a chance to unwind and celebrate almost finishing the year (I’ll use anything as an excuse to celebrate and do something fun).

However, despite the excitement associated with travelling and spending lots of time with your besties, there is always the opportunity for things to turn disastrous and have the holiday end in a friendship war.

This is something I’ve experienced first-hand when I travelled to Europe through high school with some of my closest friends at the time. There turned out to be moody, passive-aggressive comments made by some, which then turned into arguments that ended with periods of the silent treatment. Not the ideal way to spend an afternoon boating down the Seine or looking at Paris from up the Eiffel Tower.

To ensure this doesn’t happen again, I’ve devised a list of five handy hints to remedy the tension and maximise happiness for travelling friends.


#1. Bring funds

You don’t want to get upset and stressed about not having enough money to do the things you want, as this will guarantee arguments between you and your friends. Dedicate time to saving money before you travel – that way you’ll have money to make the most of your time away.

#2. Equally share leadership

Everyone should have the opportunity to contribute their ideas for possible activities without fear of being shut down or laughed at. Life is all about compromise, and even if you don’t particularly want to do the designated activity for the day, being with your best friends will still make it enjoyable, no matter what.

#3. Be proud of bodily functions

If you try to be secretive about what happens with your body, it’ll just stress you out and make you feel unwell. Travelling with your best friends is a way to bond and laugh with your favourite people, so why not do it over poop?

#4. Don’t smother each other

We all need some downtime in our lives and that’s no different when travelling. Make sure you have a book to read or something to keep you occupied so you can chill out by yourself. If you don’t have some well-needed solo peace and relaxation, tension will run high and cause people to become moody and argumentative.

#5. Have fun

You’re travelling with people you love, experiencing places and creating memories that you’ll remember forever, so don’t let petty arguments and difficulties get in the way of your happiness and wanderlust… enjoy it!

What are your top tips for travelling with best friends? Comment below!

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