Having the courage to embrace the unknown and look for creative solutions to realworld problems are key skills in our modern day workforce. 

The opportunities to develop these skills aren’t always obvious when flicking through a university’s prospectus. But that’s exactly what engineering students like Fawwaz Ali are learning at the University of Waikato. 

Fawwaz is in his final year of a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He says studying for a degree that incorporates creativity with problem solving is a powerful combination. 

“I love the real-world challenges. A lot of what we study in our engineering degree is projectbased learning where we have to physically design and manufacture solution for any given problem. 

Fawwaz hopes to one day be in a position where he can help change, develop and influence the lives of younger generations and show them the potential they truly have  

“My goal is to open up my own engineering firm with the purpose of helping lesser developed countries. I want to develop resources to make their lives easier and ensure their culture remains intact. And in doing so, hopefully I will be able to create pathways and opportunities for the locals. 

Helping students to create positive change in their lives, their careers and in the wider world is a top priority at the University of Waikato, alongside producing graduates who will be at the cutting-edge of their fields.  

The University’s Engineering School is a good example of this, and now offers all main streams of a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) including civil, electronic, mechanical, materials and process, chemical and biological, environmental and mechatronics.  

Fawwaz loves the family culture on campus and the plethora of clubs and social activities on offer. He chose to study in Hamilton because the size of the University appealed. “You’re not treated like another number,” he says. “It’s also close to home and provides a world renowned degree. 

All of Waikato’s eligible engineering programmes are fully accredited by  Engineering New Zealand  (formerly IPENZ), meaning your degree is internationally recognised and graduates can work just about anywhere in the world. 

 Nakita Corfield is another student who chose Waikato because the environment is similar to her home in Dargaville. She is currently studying for a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Civil Engineering.   

“After I graduate, I hope to travel with my degree and be able to witness what impact it has on people. I’m inspired by where I come from versus where I want to be in life.”  

Academic, administration, research and technical staff at Waikato’s School of Engineering are selected for their excellence and dedication to their work. The Waikato region is home to some of the most respected researchers in the science and engineering communities and the University’s lecturers are among the best in New Zealand. The campus has first-class facilities and some of the world’s most advanced laboratory equipment.  

University study in today’s world involves much more than just theory – it’s about developing problem-solving skills and life experience, giving students the confidence to push the boundaries in both their personal and professional lives. Engineering graduates have gone on to secure great jobs all over the world, thanks to the skills they acquired while studying here. 

The University of Waikato offers future-proofed, project-based learning that will put you at the top of your game for a career in engineering. By the end of your degree you will have managed your own projects, worked with budgets and spent a significant amount of time working within the industry. 

Make the choice to move to Waikato. We’ll help you create your positive change.  

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