Zoe Crehan is an ambitious young woman who quit her job to become a full-time alternative folk/country musician. You may recognise her name from a previous article we published.

Not long ago, Zoe announced that it was a time of new adventures; she had recently quit her job and created the band Eaves with her husband Graeme and their good friend Ollie. Eaves opened for Stu Larsen on the evening of our review, marking the beginning of Zoe’s full-time music career.

Eaves now has a new name: Fairlie. The band has been working on a single, which releases on May 25. I was lucky enough to have an advance listen and ask Zoe a few questions about the single and Fairlie’s future plans.


Why did you decide on the name Fairlie?

We used to be called Eaves, but discovered, much to our despair, that there was another band in the States with the same name. That day my husband Graeme and I were flying home from Queenstown, and whilst on the plane perused a New Zealand map. We decided that we would go for the quaintest-sounding small town name, and that was what we ended up with. So unfortunately, nothing particularly sentimental, although we do really enjoy the familiar feel of small towns, as we travel so much.


Is it the same group as before, with you Graeme and Ollie?

At the moment it is just Graeme and I, as Ollie is overseas, but this could change.


Last time I talked to you, you had been touring the South Island for a month and had plans to continue the tour. Where in NZ did you get to?

We were mostly touring Graeme’s music over the summer, but travelled all over the South Island, a little bit in the North and then over to Thailand .


Which was your favourite gig on that tour, and why?

Definitely the one with Stu Larsen in Wellington at Zeal. It was so nice to be home again after two months. It was also just such a nice and intimate feel – cushions, fairy lights, people singing along – all you can ask for really. Because my songs are so often centered on stories, it is really nice to have an attentive audience.


Do you have plans to tour overseas? If so, where would you most like to play?

We sure do. Next month and in October we will be hitting up Australia for a few shows, which should be fun, and have loose plans to do a wee tour in Europe next year. The ultimate, though, would be a US tour, I think. I have lots of friends over there and a whole heap of musicians whose stuff I would love to see live. I’d like to go line dancing in Texas, visit the Appalachian Mountains, Nashville…


Now to the single. What is He’ll Come Around about?

It tells one main story through multiple stories – if that makes sense. It was written a number of years ago, about a guy who I was friends with who went back to the States. I realised how great he was only when he was gone, as I could sense his absence in everyday life. The verse goes “and when you wake in the morning and the colour’s been sapped from the lawn and your garden/ little pieces cut out of your life/ when you feel something’s missing you know something was there.”

It was snowing in Wellington when I wrote the song, and so it uses the picture of white snow appearing to sap the colour out of a scene, helping one to be more aware of the colour that was once there.


This is the first single you have released; what have you learnt from the experience?

I have learnt that you have to be persistent, you have to make the opportunities up for yourself. There is no use waiting around until someone notices something that you do. In a world where there is so much available for our ears, no one wants to hear your stuff until everyone already knows who you are. So I have learnt to be an all round DIY ninja. These days, you don’t need to be signed to anyone to release something, you just need to be savvy and take advantage of all of the information on the net.


Where will we be able to get hold of your single?

From May 25th you can find it for free on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, CD Baby, Spotify and –  if you want to pay – iTunes. So pretty much everywhere. The best thing to do is like us on Facebook for more info.