Adam Lambert’s first album release was For Your Entertainment, in 2009. Since then, his fans – AKA Glamberts – have shown their charitable nature by gifting Adam’s albums and providing support to various charities worldwide. Such charities include Donors Choose, a program which funds the arts in public schools; Charity:Water, which provides safe drinking water in areas of the world where access to wells is scarce; The Red Cross; and Nile Rogers’ We Are Family Foundation.

This year, Glamberts have gone a step further with a Holiday Gifting Celebration, beginning with Touch of Sparkle UK’s “Movember.” Glamberts donated more than 50 gift bags to men undergoing chemotherapy at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. However, the gifting does not stop there.

An openly gay man, Adam Lambert works to raise awareness and support for the LGBT community. So it only seems fitting that his fans have now begun to donate his CDs to LGBT youth organisations worldwide, such as New Zealand’s very own Rainbow Youth, others in the USA, Canada, Poland and the UK, with more signing on.

In addition to this, many have become volunteers for the organisations, contributing funds, volunteering at local pride events and attending rallies to support marriage equality and LGBT rights. They have also been supporting one•n•ten’s OUTDoors LGBTQ Youth Leadership camps, by making monetary donations and purchasing items from the camp’s “Wish List”.

The response from both Glamberts and LGBT youth organisations across the globe has been remarkable, with a huge number of fans partaking in the project and donating CDs to the youth organisations, some of whom, such as Lamba in Warsaw, Poland, potentially face closure due to lack of funding.

“We’re always looking for ways to say thank you to the volunteers that work so hard to get us where we are. The Adam Lambert CDs would provide a great thank you gift to them.  As well as this, we intend to use them in raffles and as prizes for our events during the upcoming Auckland Pride Festival 2016. ​ Thank you in advance to Adam Lambert and fans! This is awesome!”

Toni Duder

Rainbow Youth NZ

“Adam Lambert is the perfect role model for Young LGBT people – he is strong, proud and follows his dreams.  His life history inspires many all around the world.  He is not afraid to speak up and stand up against homophobia and school bullying that many LGBT youngsters unfortunately have to face in their everyday life.  Adam sends a very meaningful message to all young people and not only to them, but to all of us – be yourself, you are great, no matter what others say.”


Stowarzyszenie Lambda Warszawa LGBT Youth, Poland

“I am happy to gift Adam Lambert’s music to organizations supporting the LGBTQ community such as OutFront Minnesota, PFLAG Canada & Mosaic LGBTQ Youth Centre UK.  Adam is such an inspiring example for youth to feel empowered, have the strength and courage to be authentic, have hope in their lives, and to be all that they are and all they want to be.”

Dr. Judy A

Minnesota, USA

“As a big fan of Adam Lambert, I’m always inspired by his honesty & strength.  There aren’t any LGBT people around me – family members, relatives or friends.   Knowing Adam & learning about LGBT, I’ve found the society isn’t always nice for LGBT. I’m sure Adam has had tough time, too.  I’m so happy to have this opportunity to join in this project & share Adam’s songs which always encourage people.  Your happiness makes me happy.  Your strength makes me strong.  Love yourself & I’ll love myself.  Respect yourself & I’ll respect myself.  Let’s be ourselves.”

Yumiko W.


“We would like to thank our participating Youth organizations for this opportunity to gift Adam Lambert’s new album, “The Original High.”  As well as being a gifted & talented artist, Adam is a shining example of a strong & empowering role model. His bravery, honesty and commitment to being true to himself serve as an inspiration to all. It is our sincere wish that our gift of Adam’s music will help to inspire your youth to rock on, stay strong, live proud & fearlessly and to dream big!”


Gifting "The Original High"

To order an Adam Lambert, “Original High” CD for Rainbow Youth or another LGBT youth organisation of your choice, please click here.