What’s that? …Oh I know what it is; summer!

It’s long-awaited; we’ve dreamt of its sunshine during those gloomy winter months and lusted after its freedom while we were mid-way through our statistics exam, and finally it’s here.

The question is, “What now? What do we do with our newfound freedom and sunshine?”

If you’re anything like me, you and your friends would have been planning some sweet summer escapades since July and travelling to the Mount has to be top of your list for summer escapes, especially over New Year’s.

Mount Maunganui is the definition of “the place to be” for your summer, home of one of the top 25 best beaches in the world; with over sixty coffee shops, bars and restaurants, an expanse of white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters and nearby camping sites – there is something for everyone at Mount Maunganui.

Over the Christmas period the Mount becomes home to many events for youth, with beach nights and comedy festivals, or if you just want to chill out, Maunganui provides the perfect atmosphere. It’s an ideal place for young people who are not quite old enough to attend New Year’s festivals, but would still like to experience the vibe and freedoms that come with a summer holiday.

One way you can experience that summer vibe is by being there when Mount Maunganui’s coastline goes electric, because on January 5th, ZM is bringing you the Electric Coastline tour! The Mount Maunganui show is the last stop on the tour and it is also the only All Ages show!

Electric Coastline showcases Kiwi music trailblazers and all-round legends Broods, as well as New Zealand music’s biggest success story for 2016, Kings, and – to top off the stellar line-up – Theia, whose summer anthem Roam reached 1 million streams in just six weeks.

I chatted to Theia about the Electric Coastline Tour, which will be her first ever tour, although she is no stranger to providing epic on-stage performances. When asked how she feels about taking her killer songs onto stage in a tour, she fizzed with excitement, saying, “It’s been so amazing taking my songs from studio on to the stage. I am buzzing about sharing these songs.”

Trust me, whatever Theia is sharing, you’ll want a piece of it.

She of course will not be alone in her “buzzing.” I am positive that Kings and Broods are equally as hyped to play in the Electric Coastline tour, which spans five dates and of course ends on a literal peak, at Mount Maunganui.

I can tell you that Theia sure does love all these things. She told me that her band already knows “they’ll be stopping off to have swims whenever they can and enjoying how beautiful New Zealand is.”

Isn’t that what we should all be doing this summer? As you travel that coastline with your mates, make sure you’re there to see Theia, Kings and Broods; when they make the coastline electric.


For more info about Electric Coastline, including tour dates, locations and to buy tickets, click here.

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