Christchurch: One Year On

While it is understandable in this current climate that the [remembrance ceremony] was cancelled, we wanted to take the time to acknowledge what happened on March 15th, 2019, and that we have not forgotten the values we pledged to uphold one year ago.

In Review: Nostalgia Festival 2020

As declared last year, Nostalgia Festival is the underdog of the music festival scene. After my second year attending Nostalgia, I continue to stand by that statement. Still with the primary focus of sustainability and being single-use plastic free, it is an eco-warrior of entertainment.

Conversations With My Immigrant Parents

"I hope people feel warm, feel heard and feel like they can relate even if they’re listening to a story coming from families with completely different backgrounds to themselves. The stories are all so different and they might not all be what we expect immigrant stories to be."

In Review: Cavetown

Cavetown's a soft-hearted indie artist who doesn't need review marketing as he speaks to his gen-z fans through social media — but he's left the Auckland crowd so starry-eyed, we just had to write a review anyway.