Forming in 2013, Gap5 became a household name as finalists on The X Factor NZ. Now, they are set to take on the world with their new music. Their brand new single Hold On has just dropped, and there’s an EP full of more musical goodness on the way.

I sat down with Hannah-Jane Thorne, Taiva Ioane, Nicole Hedder and Nica Israel to chat inspirations, fashion and new sounds.


What inspires you as artists?

Taiva: Life experiences. The sound we want to go for is inspired by what we were bought up with; a lot of soul, R’n’B and old school hip hop. We want to mix it in with what’s new right now, create something new.

Nica: The messages we want to get across to people inspires what kind of music we want to release, what our lyrics are. We want to show people you don’t need to have a perfect life or take your clothes off to be a musician or performer. You don’t need to compromise who you are.


Where and when did you find your passion for music?

Taiva: During Intermediate school, I was obsessed with Hannah Montana and all the Disney stars that could sing and I decided I wanted to be like them.

Nica: I was kind of born with it, it’s part of my culture.

Nicole: I was bought up with music; my dad used to play music around the house all the time. My first CD I ever got was Destiny’s Child – from there it just took off.

Hannah: My music passion grew from my dancing passion, because I started dancing when I was three. Inspiration grew from the passion my grandfather had, he was the most musical one in our family. Being a young girl and seeing the big 90’s artists like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and the Spice Girls also influenced it.


Who would you love to collaborate with?

Taiva: J.Cole

Nicole: Robert Glasper

Nica: Will Singe

Hannah: Chance The Rapper


What’s your ultimate career dream?

Hannah: Being able to live and breathe our music, do it full-time. A lot of people don’t realise that a lot of NZ artists don’t purely sing, record and perform full-time, they need to make up the hours, be on the daily grind. We’d love to be able to take our music around New Zealand and internationally.IMG_0081

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Taiva: No matter how hard things get, don’t give up until you get there. Also to remember your roots – always hold onto why we’re doing this.

Nicole: My favourite quote is by Rudyard Kipling: “If you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty second worth of distance run, yours is the earth and everything that’s in it.”

Nica: If you ever lose hope, just remember that God’s plans are better than yours.

Hannah: You’ve been blessed with a gift so make sure you use it, in case it gets taken away. See it to its full potential. Remember always to love yourself in all the craziness.IMG_0052What is your personal style and where does the inspiration come from?

Nica: ‘Modern Asian-inspired’ and I take from street fashion and Instagram.Nicole: I dress womanly with a bit of edge and funk. I like to draw from my African background with my braids.

Taiva: Tomboy and girly mix. I like to dress like a man but look like a girl at the same time. I want to take risks and be comfortable in what I’m wearing.

Hannah: I love wearing well-fitted tight clothing that will show off my curves. For casual, I love denim – denim anything is great. I also love dressing up casual wear, I like to wear heels and a leather jacket to look street chic.


Gap5’s new single Hold On is available now on iTunes and Spotify – go add it to your playlist!

Here’s a little behind the scenes fun for you:


Photos and video by Hazel Reid.