It was that time of the year again, when the over-crowded ASB Showgrounds were bursting with life – the annual Armageddon Expo!

The sun was out and the atmosphere was abuzz with excitement. From the people running the food stalls to the security, everyone seemed to be radiating happiness. After all, it was Labour weekend, which meant that most were out with family and friends.

The thousands in attendance were not let down in the presence of Jamie and Oliver Phelps (the Weasley twins from Harry Potter), Suicide Squad’s Karen Fukuhara and Emmy winner Christopher Lloyd, among an extraordinary group of international guests. As eager fans paid the big bucks to meet their movie-star idols, I explored all the other incredible things on display in the packed building.

Outside, lines for the food stalls selling doughnuts, smoothies, pizza, hot dogs, chips and so much more seemed never-ending. Also outside, little children were having endless fun on the bouncy castles as parents watched on and took photos to treasure.

Inside, everybody’s phones were working tirelessly to capture the best moments as well. The best dressed were in high demand for photos, especially a guy who dressed up as Deadpool. Funny and charming, his proposing pose has probably landed him on the social media pages of many, many fans.

Deadpool proposes to Fang

I said yes!

I loved the pop culture products being sold just about everywhere! From the Beatles posters to Marvel merchandise and everything in between, there was something for everyone. There were also a lot of gaming competitions being set up, but I tried my best to stay away from those, to avoid a humiliating defeat.

I am more of a socialiser than a gamer, so I had a blast chatting with various people, especially the cosplayers! The characters on display ranged from Pikachu to Dumbledore to Harley Quinn. Some belonged in Breaking Bad’s superlab and others were meant to be in Middle Earth. But despite the differences in costume, it wasn’t hard to admire the dedication and effort put into all the outfits. The cosplay judges must’ve had an extremely difficult time picking a winner!

Their spectacular presence has definitely inspired me to dress up for next time. All in all, Auckland’s Armageddon Expo 2016 was a giant success. It was electric and a great opportunity to take great photos and meet new people. I am already eager for next year!

YouTubers Octotiggy dressed as Sans and Papyrus. Photo by Faga Tuigamala.

YouTubers Octotiggy dressed as Sans and Papyrus. Photo by the author.

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FAGA TUIGAMALA,  simply known as ‘Fang’, is a short-sighted music nerd who laughs too much. Keep up with the eccentric pianist on Instagram: @fangtuigamala