Want to go on an exchange? Complete a diving course? Start a university degree? The Cora Wilding Memorial Award by the Youth Hostels Association of New Zealand (YHA New Zealand) can help you get there!

For over twenty years, the folks at YHA New Zealand have been lending a hand to everyday Kiwis to help them reach their goals. With a scholarship up to $4,000, the Cora Wilding Memorial Award aims to help youth participate in a personal development training course of their choice.

This means that if you want to do big things, but need some financial support, the good folks at YHA may be able to help!

As the name suggests, the scholarship was established in memory of Cora Wilding, who founded YHA in 1932.

There are up to two recipients each year and applications are judged on three main factors:

First, whether or not the personal development course allows the applicant to not only improve themselves, but also make a difference in their community. Second, whether the applicant would be able to achieve his or her goals without this financial aid. And finally, how closely the course aligns with the core values of the Youth Hostels Association of New Zealand.

YHA is a not-for-profit organisation that provides travellers with affordable accommodation. They firmly believe in promoting knowledge and awareness of the different cultures in New Zealand, including cities and rural areas, and the culture of other countries.

For more information on the scholarship, previous successful applicants and how to apply, visit the YHA website. Don’t let this opportunity slip away – entries close June 30, 2016.