We caught up with Identity Dance Company Director and former Boyzdance2 crew member Joshua Cesan. In this ‘5 minutes with’ we chatted about the upcoming show Boyzdance2 show, Metamorphosis, as part of the Tempo Dance Festival, and running his own dance company.

Can you tell us about Boyzdance2? 

Boyzdance2 is a programme started in 1998 by my mother Jacqui Cesan that was about giving male dancers male tutors and role models. This mainly started because around that time boys who were dancing were getting bullied for doing what they love, especially me and my brothers.

My mother at the time also saw that most boys were also in a class full of girls which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it was having an effect on the motivation because they saw no male energy around them, and they were being fitted into more feminine routines. This was all having an effect on male participation within dance, so she made Boyzdance2 and the results were incredible. Instantly, the boys were being asked to perform all over Auckland, this started a new era for us and most of all a long-lasting passion.

There are so many amazing male dancers in the industry around the world because of this programme, for example, Simon Watts who has just been touring with the world famous Stomp show for the last 4 years.  

Photo supplied by Boyzdance2.

What is your favourite part about being involved with that? 

My favourite part about being involved with Boyzdance2 is definitely knowing that I am giving back to something that gave so much to me. Knowing that I could be teaching the next boy who has the same passion and drive as me is amazing. Also getting to work alongside you mother and brothers is always going to be a special thing to me.

What can the audiences expect from the Metamorphosis shows at Tempo Dance Festival 2018? 

Audiences can expect a passionate cast of boys aged 7-18 that bring a lot of energy and fun to the stage. As well as this, there is awesome choreography from many old Boyzdance2 boys within many genres such as hip-hop/urban, contemporary, haka, tap dance and body percussion. This show is sure to bring a powerful and versatile performance from a passionate cast of strong male dancers! 

You’re the director of Identity Dance Company – when did you decide you wanted to launch your own dance organisation? 

I have been dancing in Identity Dance Crew since 2009. After a few years of being quite ‘social’ with our crew, we wanted to take it to the next level. After narrowly missing out on going to represent our country at the world championships we decided to give it our all. In 2013 we finally made it and came 2nd getting a silver medal. Because of this at our auditions, we got masses of amazing dancers wanting to join. This essentially started the beginnings of what was to be IDCO. After 2 years we made it official and have been not only creating work as a company but have been training up crews full of amazing young dancers such as Masque, Swagganauts and Yung ID while pushing the boundaries with our main adult team IDCO.

What has been a highlight for you in your career so far? 

I have many highlights of my career, including:

  • Representing my country for the first time and gaining a silver medal, this then being continued by the following year when we took a company team 27 strong and got another one.
  • Choreographing for the biggest video projection mapping project in the world. This was working with Laser Vision Mega Media Dubai. This was an honour to be part of a project that broke a Guinness World Record and it was a point in my career when I had realised that our own type of movement, that ID has really cultivated, was being recognised internationally.
  • This year when our varsity age (13-18yrs) team Masque gained a bronze medal at the world championships. This was rewarding in so many ways as it was a tribute to how amazing our teachers and choreographers were and how we have put so much love and energy into our younger dancers.
  • Being selected to teach at Summerjam dance camp alongside a lot of my role models in the dance world. This also led me to teach for a month at Kinjazdojo China which also was a huge achievement for me.

Photo supplied by Boyzdance2.

What does an average day entail for you? 

An average day for me would be getting to the studio to work on material, coming home and working on admin aspects such as emails for bookings or schedules for our trainings. Then either teaching a class or training or taking one. Lots of eating involved all day for energy [laughs].

What’s your favourite quote / piece of advice? 

A quote that I would live by is “you only get out what you put in”.

Where do you hope to see IDCO in one year, five years time? 

I would love to see IDCO continuing the message of Boyzdance2 first and foremost as I am passionate about giving others the chances I have been given. Secondly, I would like to see IDCO leading the way in terms of community classes, theatre shows, and festivals and international workshops with our choreographers. 


Metamorphosis, part of the Tempo Dance Festival 2018 is on for two shows only at Q Theatre this Sunday (7th) night. Tickets available here, head along and support youth performing arts!

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